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Getting Ready For Camp – 2022


Getting your camper ready for camp is exciting! To ensure the best summer for your camper, we rely on the detailed, personal information you provide. Everything you need to know and complete can be found in the sections below, organized to make it easy for you to review and complete.

Please remember our professional staff are here to help you as you prepare for camp. If you ever have a question, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 847 677-7130 or send us an email.

The Importance of Camper Forms

Completing camper forms in a timely manner is one of the most important things parents do prior to sending their children to camp.

To ensure the best summer for your camper, we rely on the detailed, personal information you provide.

We review the information along with our counselors, division leaders, medical staff, and camp clinicians. We understand that some information is extremely personal in nature, and we respect your reluctance to want to disclose this to us. However, our commitment to partnering with your family relies on an honest description of your child, including their strengths and weaknesses, special talents, fears and ambitions, and so on.

Camper forms are due by April 1. If you register after April 1, please submit all forms to us within 10 days of registering. If you are waiting on a physician’s exam in order to submit the Physician’s Exam Form after April 1, you must let our Health Center know by emailing 

All forms and instructions are available through CampInTouch.

Communicating With Your Child

At Beber, we feel that one of the most important elements of youth development is the building of independence. Part of that process is managing the way we communicate during the summer. We, of course, want you to be in touch with your child, and at the same time, we want them to experience being away from home in an independent way. With that in mind, we ask that campers use writing as a tool to communicate during the summer. Campers write a postcard home weekly and will be given four pre-printed email cover sheets that can be scanned and sent home as another way to communicate. However, there is nothing better than receiving a letter in the mail and we hope you will encourage and educate your child about the importance of writing good old-fashioned letters home while away at camp! Sending them with pre-stamped and pre-addressed envelopes will increase the likelihood of them writing!

Campers receive mail during rest hour, Sunday through Friday. Campers do not receive mail on Saturday but will receive emails. All letters sent to camp prior to your camper’s arrival will be sorted by the office for the first day of mail pass.

You will receive an email on the first night of camp noting your child’s safe arrival and bunk information. The email will come from info@bebercamp.com, so add us to your “safe list.” Once you have your child’s bunk information, please write it on all correspondence.

Parents can send one-way emails to their campers through their CampInTouch account. You can send messages through the web interface for free, or set up your child with their own email address (for a fee). For information on how to sign up, please call the office. We print emails every day at 10:00 am CT.

Our photographers work hard to capture campers at various locations around camp enjoying so many of their activities. If you don’t see your camper one day, check back another. It’s our goal to share their smiles with you as often as we can.

Parents tell us that the Director’s Corner is a daily highlight! At the end of each exciting day at Beber, Michael sits down to share in a blog post details of the day, information about programming and info throughout the summer reinforcing Beber’s core values and commitment to a summer of a lifetime.

Package Policy

NEW FOR 2022: We do not accept packages from Amazon unless approved by the Office team. Only flat envelopes will be permitted. 

Based on feedback from our community, as well as our desire to keep campers focused on being present at camp and less distracted on material items, care packages will not be accepted at camp. Magazines, mad libs, photos, or newspaper clippings are great things to send your child. Any food or contraband items, such as squirt guns, water balloons, silly string, or fireworks, will be confiscated. We do permit gum and individual drink powder packets.

Telephone Calls and Birthdays

Phone calls to or from your camper are not permitted except in case of your campers’ birthday or an emergency.

If your child has a birthday at camp they will be calling home during lunchtime. If this time does not work please call the office to get in touch with your child’s Division Leader. On their birthday, your child will receive a treat from the kitchen and the entire camp will sing Beber’s version of the “Happy Birthday” song!

Due to the sheer volume of potential calls, campers will not be able to call home for parent or sibling birthdays, anniversaries, etc. but they will be invited to make signs and take special photos that will be uploaded to CampInTouch.

Health and Wellness has been a guiding value for us summer after summer. The health, safety, and well-being of our campers is our top priority. Please use this section to familiarize yourself with our practices.

Beber Camp meets the health and safety standards of the State of Wisconsin and the American Camp Association.


To ensure the best possible quality of care in our health center, we require all campers who take daily and as-needed prescriptions, supplements, vitamins, and/or over-the-counter medications to enroll in a pharmacy service provided by Pack My Rx through their website. This service ensures higher efficiency, lower risk of error, reduced waiting time for your campers, and increased focus on their overall health. Once it arrives at camp, all medication is stored and locked safely, and all medication is distributed by Health Center staff.

Pack My Rx is the only way for medication to be accepted at camp. The only exception is if the pharmacy notifies us it is unable to accept your insurance or fill a particular medication and then we will work with you to have it sent to camp properly.

Please register online at their website. They will package your camper’s meds and deliver them directly to camp prior to your child’s arrival. All pills will be pre-packaged in dose/blister packs. Pack My Rx will manage every step of the process, including insurance payments, dispensing, and delivery.

Once you create your Pack My Rx account, please complete your camper’s medication profile, select the session s/he is attending, upload copies of your health insurance documents, and provide a credit card for payment of any fees.

If you’ve already completed your camper’s physical, no need to make another doctor’s appointment – you can just fax/email the forms to your doctor’s office. Once completed by your child’s doctor, mail the prescriptions to Pack My Rx. All medication orders must be received 30 days prior to start of the session. All orders after that will incur a $30 charge plus any expedited shipping charges.

If you have problems submitting any of your forms, documents, or insurance information, please call the pharmacy directly at (888) 598-6337.

To learn more about setting up Pack My Rx, please check out our page on it.

Medications Exempt From Pack My Rx

The only medications exempt from using Pack My RX are powders (such as Miralax), inhalers, nose sprays, creams, oral contraceptive pills, Accutane, epinephrine auto-injectors, other injectable medications, and Lactaid.

The instructions for sending these medications are listed below.

For all exempted prescription medications, you must have your doctor complete the Beber Camp Medication Authorization Form.

For any exempted over-the-counter medications, a parent must complete and sign the Beber Camp Medication Authorization Form, it does not require a doctor’s signature.

The Beber Camp Medication Authorization form is only to be used for the exempt types of medication, it does not get used for medications coming from Pack My Rx.

Inhalers, creams, nasal sprays, and Auto Injectable medications: 

  • Please label the individual item (not the box) with your child’s full name, use tape or other sticky label- do not write directly on the plastic cases or tubes, as it will rub off.
  • In all cases, please also send the box that has the prescription label on it.
  • Your child must turn these in to camp on the first day and they will come to the Health Center to use the product as indicated on the Beber Camp Medication Authorization Form.
  • Emergency Inhalers:  please send two inhalers (labeled as described above) with your child to camp – your child will keep one in the cabin to carry and use as needed and we will keep the second in the Health Center as a back up.
  • Epinephrine Auto Injectables: Please send two – four injections with your child and label as described for inhalers.  Depending on how many you send, we will keep one or a set of two in the Health Center as back up and your child will keep one or two in the cabin.
  • Growth Hormones and other Injectables: should come in their original packaging and will all be kept in the Health Center and the box should have the prescription label on it. We recommend shipping those to camp in advance.
Miralax or other powders:
  • Please label the container with your child’s full name.  Do not write directly on the plastic container as it will wear off, please use tape or some kind of label.
  • For Miralax, if your child is able to take the full dose in the individual packets, please send those instead of a bottle and label each individual packet with your child’s full name.  The individual packets are much easier to administer to your child. But, if your child cannot take that dose, then please send a bottle.
Oral contraceptive pills and Accutane:
  • Please send with your child on the first day of camp. Be sure your child’s name is clearly labeled on each one and that it will not wear or rub off.  If possible, please make sure the prescription label is attached or that you include the box for the product that has the prescription label on it.

The Beber Camp Medication Authorization Form must be uploaded to our website in the appropriate place in the forms section.  You must upload each child’s forms all at once, so please wait to do that until you have all the signed forms (parent signature for over-the-counter meds and the doctor’s signature for prescription meds) you need.  THIS FORM IS ONLY FOR THE EXEMPT MEDICATIONS.  All other medications must go through Pack My Rx.  If you have questions, please contact Trudy.

Changes to Medication Prior to Camp

If your child is beginning to take a new medication or has a change to existing medications AFTER you have registered with Pack My Rx, you must notify Pack My Rx in writing at info@packmyrx.com to order or change medications. Also, be sure to copy trudy@bebercamp.com, so that we can update our records as well, and will enable us to cross-check the medications as they come in.

We strongly discourage putting kids on a “medication vacation” while at camp. Camp is not a time to try a new medication or medication dose or remove a child from a medication. If this is unavoidable, we request that you consult with Trudy Sirkis, prior to camp.

What if my Camper Needs a Prescription during camp?
We have a wonderful relationship with Walmart Pharmacy just a few miles from camp. If our camp physician prescribes medication for your camper while at camp, we will contact you first, and we will use the Walmart Pharmacy to fill the prescription. The only exception will be if we start your child on Mupirocin (a topical antibiotic ointment), we will start the camper on the medication and then we will contact you. Please make sure that we have your RX-PCN and RX-BIN number, and that we have a copy of your pharmacy card if you have a separate card. This ensures that your camper receives their new medication promptly.

We will charge your account for the cost of the prescription. If Walmart does not have accurate information, they will charge us the cost of the medication, and you may submit that to your insurer for reimbursement.

Non-Prescription Medication
If your child needs a non-prescription medication occasionally, the Health Center will have it in stock and we will administer it to your child.  That includes pain medications, allergy medications, cold medications, etc. We do not stock melatonin. If your child is on a daily non-prescription medication of any kind, such as an allergy medication, melatonin, vitamin, etc., it must go through Pack My Rx.

Medical Forms

Health History

  • Provides our team with an overview of your camper’s health history. This form must be completed online.
  • Make sure emergency contact info is up to date with proper cell phone numbers
  • Please indicate any changes in your family or any other considerations for which we should be aware of in working with your child.
  • Medications – In addition to signing up for Pack My RX, this is where you list the medications your child will be taking – If at any point anything changes, please go back into CampInTouch and update this form and resubmit.
  • Nutritional Profile – this is where you tell us of any special dietary needs for your child.

Physical Examination and Immunization Forms

  • You may use the form provided in CampInTouch, or you may upload the forms you receive from your doctor. A doctor’s signature is required.

Insurance Card

  • This is necessary should our staff need to order and pick up a prescription for your child and for any visit with an off-camp doctor or emergency medical care.
  • Please upload both the front and back of the card.
  • If you have a separate prescription card, please upload that as well.
  • Make sure that all prescription information is on the card, including PCR number, RX bin number. We MUST HAVE BOTH NUMBERS in our records in the event a prescription must be called in for your child.
  • The card must be uploaded for each camper you are sending to camp.

Medication Authorization

  • This form is only needed if your camper has any medications that they are bringing with them to camp (only powders, creams, inhalers, injectables, nasal sprays, birth control pills may be brought to camp by the camper and must be turned in to the Health Center upon arrival.)
  • This form gives permission and directions to our medical team to administer the medications listed.
  • All other medications, liquid and pill form, must go through Pack My Rx. No gummy medications or supplements are accepted at camp or through Pack My Rx.
  • This form is NOT needed for any medications sent through Pack My Rx.

Updated Camper Photo

  • Please make sure your child’s photo is a current one. Change photo is located at the bottom of the Camper Profile online form.


We strongly suggest that you consult with your physician regarding your child’s immunizations and make sure they are current. Camp follows the CDC recommendations regarding immunization requirements. Most campers have already received the following vaccines prior to this summer. The following Summer 2022 Camp Immunization Requirements must be completed prior to the start of the designated session in order for your child to be allowed to participate in camp:

1. All campers must have received two doses of the MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)

  • First dose at 12–15 months
  • Second dose at 4–6 years
  • Dose 2 may be administered as early as 4 weeks (28 days) after dose 1.

2. All campers must have received two doses of the Varicella vaccine (Chickenpox)

  • First dose at 12–15 months
  • Second dose at 4–6 years
  • Dose 2 may be administered as early as 3 months after dose 1 (a dose administered after a 4-week interval may be counted).

3. All campers must have received three doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine or other proof of immunity described in Section 665.250(f). Proof of prior or current infection, if verified by laboratory evidence, may be substituted for proof of vaccination.

  • First dose at 0
  • Second dose at 1-2 months, given at least 4 weeks after dose 1
  • Third dose at 6-18 months, given at least 8 weeks after dose 2
  • Time between dose 1 to dose 3 must be at least 16 weeks (4 months)

4. All campers must have received a five-dose series vaccination for diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis(DTaP/DTP/DT/Td). Campers age 11+ should have received one dose of the tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis vaccine (Tdap). 

  • First dose at 2 months
  • Second dose at 4 months
  • Third dose at 6 months
  • Fourth dose between 15-18 months
  • Fifth dose between 4-6 years old
  • Adolescents receive a single dose of Tdap, preferably at 11 to 12 years of age.

4. All campers age 11+ must show proof of receiving one dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4). Campers age 16+ must show proof of second meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV4).

  • First at 11–12 years
  • Second dose at 16 years

5. All campers must have received a 4 dose series of the Poliovirus vaccine.

  • First dose at 2 months
  • Second dose at 4 months
  • Third dose between 6-18 months
  • Fourth dose between 4-6 years, must be given at least 6 months after the previous dose.

6. All campers must have received at least two doses of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, with the second dose being at least two weeks before arrival at camp. Requirements regarding boosters may be added at a later date prior to camp.

Beber, as well as ACIP (Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices), highly recommends your Camper be vaccinated against influenza and hepatitis A.

Health Center
Beber Camp’s Health Center is open 24 hours a day. It is staffed by a health center administrator, 4-5 nurses, and a physician. The Health Center is centrally located, air-conditioned and well-equipped to meet most health needs.

Should a camper need emergency medical attention and treatment, we are less than 5 miles from the ProHealth Medical Group Clinic and Emergency Room.

Your camper’s health, safety, and well-being is our top priority. Our medical staff provide excellent medical attention should a camper be admitted to the Health Center, need to take medication, or need a pick me up.

Communication From the Health Center
Parents/Guardians will be contacted by the Health Center if:

  • Your camper has been admitted to stay in the Health Center overnight
  • Your camper is placed on a new prescription medication.
  • Your camper has a fever of 101 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.
  • Your camper has been taken off-site to seek medical attention.
  • We have questions regarding your child’s health.

Parents/Guardians will not be contacted by the Health Center When:

  • Your camper receives a small cut or scrape.
  • Your camper receives over-the-counter medication.
  • Your camper rests in the Health Center for a short period.

Parents/Guardians are always welcome to call for an update on how their camper is doing. 

Beber Is An Allergy-Aware Camp. We recognize that many campers have specific dietary needs. We firmly believe in creating a safe and inclusive environment for all campers at Beber Camp. Beber does not use nuts in any menu items and we do not serve peanut butter at meals. It is impossible to guarantee that camp can be fully peanut or nut free due to manufacturing processes and labeling. Beber is proud to be able to provide alternative meals for those with food allergies such as gluten, dairy, and egg.

How Will My Child Get to Camp?

NOTICE: We are currently waiting on guidance from the American Camp Association and CDC regarding Covid restrictions, due to this we are currently unable to consolidate our plans and politely ask for your patience while we wait for further guidance.

The first day of camp is an exciting start to the summer. We want to make sure that your camper arrives to a welcoming staff member and starts developing relationships from the start.

Summer 2022 Dates for reference:

Flight Information

We understand and appreciate that by choosing Beber Camp, many parents are also making a decision to send their child a great distance. The partnership between parents and camp is essential in helping to ensure that everyone has a safe, positive summer experience. We are committed to working with your family to make getting to and from camp as safe and easy as possible.

Continuing from last year, we will only be offering to pick up your children from Chicago O’Hare Airport, this is to minimize potential exposure to our staff by limiting our interaction with people outside the Beber bubble.

Chaperone Escorted Flight Options

NEW FOR SUMMER 2022: Based on feedback from families and chaperones, we are requiring parents to bring their children to their gate. You will be able to pick up a gate pass when checking them in. If you have any issues on the day, you will be able to contact your chaperone and they will be able to help.

Beber Camp provides chaperone escorted flights from a handful of our communities, as well as for our Pioneer/CIT Israel Trips. To find the escorted flights, please refer to the “travel – flight details” blog within CampInTouch. A chaperone will meet you and your camper at the airline gate, and fly to Chicago with the campers. They will then meet with Beber staff who will take them up to camp with other campers from their flight. At the end of each session, your camper will fly with the group back home and the chaperone will bring the campers to baggage claim. When booking your flight, as the flight chaperones are still being confirmed, you can write “Beber Camp Representative”. Once we have this information, we will be updating our families. Please feel free to book on these flights and join our staff to and from camp each session! There is no charge for this escort service. We choose flights based on time, ticket price, and preferred airports.

Non-Escorted Flight Options

Continuing from last year, we will only be offering to pick up your children from Chicago O’Hare Airport, this is to minimize potential exposure to our staff by limiting our interaction with people outside the Beber bubble.

If flying into O’Hare your child will be met at baggage claim unless they are flying as an unaccompanied minor. You must provide your airlines with the name and contact information for the Beber Staff member meeting the flight so that we can get our staff through security if your camper is flying as an unaccompanied minor.

We can not guarantee that we will be able to send staff through security (unless for an unaccompanied minor) at the airport. Once your child has landed, we ask that your child rings us once they have landed (number provided nearer the time), and we will meet them at baggage claims if we are unable to meet them at the gate.

Bus transportation is provided at no additional charge between Chicago O’Hare Airport and Beber Camp.

Arrival and Departure Times

Due to the potential exposure of transporting 180+ Campers and staff to/from the airports and Camp, we need to minimize the time spent at the airport. This is why it is critical you book travel for your Campers between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. We ask this to help streamline our process, minimize exposure to the world outside the Beber Bubble and assure a smooth travel day for all of our campers and staff.

Please reach out to Will before you book your flight should you not have an option within the given timeframe.

Driving to Camp

TL;DR: When you drive to camp, there will be staggered drop-off times between 10 AM – 3 PM. There will be no buses from the Chicagoland area except for those flying. On departure day, 4-week campers will take buses to the Chicago Suburbs (Session 1 – Highland Park High School North Parking Lot / Session 2 – Makom Solel Lakeside) or airport, except for Wisconsin and Minnesota families, who will be able to pick their camper up from camp.

We have yet to receive guidance from the CDC and American Camping Association regarding camper arrivals and departures. For this reason, we are going to be repeating our 2021 model, which is explained below. This way, if another variant is to emerge (fingers crossed one doesn’t!), we will not need to change our transportation procedures.

We are asking all families from the Chicago (city and suburbs) area to please drive to camp. During drop-off, we will be continuing our “kiss and drop off” process to help maintain the Beber Bubble. You will be preassigned with a drop-off location and time, which you will receive prior to your camp arrival. On the day of arrival, there will also be staff members to help guide you to the right location.

We highly recommend you drop your luggage off with the luggage truck, the Friday before the session starts. This way your child’s luggage is already in their cabin waiting for them.

For directions to camp please see check out our directions page.

End of Session Pick Up

Chicago (City and Suburbs) Families of 4 & 8 Week Campers

Though we will not be having buses drive up from the Chicago area. We are asking that you pick up your camper from the Chicago suburbs (Session 1 – Highland Park High School North Parking Lot / Session 2 – Makom Solel Lakeside). We will be having staggered bus arrivals at the location to help reduce congestion at the pickup site. Based on feedback received last summer, we will be moving to a location with a larger parking lot to help mitigate some issues we faced last summer.

Chicago (City and Suburbs) Families of Rookie Campers

Rookies will need to be picked up from camp, please. We will be having our pickups staggered at the Gym on upper camp. Nearer the time you will get more specific information on the pickup.

If your child decides to extend and stay 4 weeks, please refer to the 4-week camper information above.

Wisconsin, Minnesota, & Outside of Chicago Families

If you are from Wisconsin. Minnesota, or are driving from Milwaukee Airport, we will have a specific pick-up point on-site and a time slot for you. If you aren’t coming from Wisconsin, Minnesota, or Milwaukee Airport, we ask that you meet the buses in the Chicago suburbs.

Getting Your Luggage to Camp

Luggage Trucks

Beber provides luggage trucks up to camp from Chicago (city and suburbs) for both sessions. All luggage must be dropped off at the truck on the Friday prior (1st session: June 17 / 2nd session: July 15) to the session starting. Please note Campers will be allowed one carry-on when driving up.

DUE TO COVID: We are asking ALL families driving to camp from Chicago (city and suburbs) to drop their luggage off at the luggage trucks on Friday prior (1st session: June 17 / 2nd session: July 15) to the session. This allows time for us to sanitize luggage on-site prior to camper arrival. 

Chicago (Suburbs) luggage truck location: Highland Park High School North Parking Lot – 4 – 7 PM

433 Vine Ave, Highland Park, IL 60035

Chicago (City) luggage truck location: Jewel Osco – 4 – 7 PM

3400 N Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618

Shipping Your Luggage

Families who are interested in shipping their camper’s luggage to camp have two options of doing so either through Print Pack and Ship in Mukwonago or via Ship Camps.

For Print Pack and Ship, please ship all luggage to the following address:

Attn: Camper Name/Beber Camp
215 Bayview Road
Mukwonago, Wisconsin 53149

If you are interested in having some or all of your camper’s luggage shipped home from camp, you must contact Print Pack and Ship to arrange payment and shipping information. Beber Camp will ensure that your camper’s luggage gets to Print Pack and Ship in a timely fashion at the conclusion of the summer, but be sure to notify your child that they will be shipping luggage and indicate this on your transportation form.

Ship Camps

Ship Camps sends your child’s luggage, and duffle bags ahead to make the journey to camp easier than ever.

Getting Ready For Camp - Ship Camps

Getting Ready For Camp - Ship Camps

Full-Season Campers

To allow our staff the opportunity to prepare for Second Session, we need all First Session campers picked up. 8-Weekers are not permitted to stay at camp during intersession. Campers attending both sessions can spend the intersession weekend at home or with a Chicago-land family. If you live outside of the Chicago area, we would be happy to act as a matchmaker and connect an “out of town” family with a Chicago-land family for weekend accommodations. Laundry services are provided for campers attending both sessions and they are encouraged to leave the bulk of their luggage at camp.

Canteen & Spending Money

Funds for your child’s canteen account and spending money for out-of-camp trips are included as part of the tuition fee. Campers receive canteen twice weekly and have an opportunity to select candy, soda, healthy snacks, and toiletries.

While there is not a need for your child to have money in camp, many campers do bring additional cash for out-of-camp trips. Each camper receives $10 for each out-of-camp trip and $4 for their trip to the Elegant Farmer.

Camp is responsible for money or valuables placed in the safe but assumes no responsibility for cash or valuables kept by the camper in their cabin. If you send cash, please encourage your child to deposit their monies in their cabin’s “valuables envelope” which will be collected by the counselor, and put in the safe on the first day of camp.

What If My Child Forgets Something?

Please contact the office (847 677-7130) as many items, such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc. are available at the canteen. We will make sure your child has everything they need.


Laundry is sent out every 9-10 days. Rookies should plan on sending their dirty laundry out with the rest of camp. The packing list allows your camper to have enough outfits to last while our clothes are being cleaned. Laundry will return to camp cleaned, dried, folded, and shrink-wrapped for our campers to unpack into their cubbies.

Screen-Free Policy

Beber Camp Is Screen-Free

In such a connected world it is easy to default to your devices during downtime, or even when other activities are going on. American adolescents spend more than 7.5 hours a day using electronic devices- camp is a great opportunity to put the screens down and keep our heads up!

Please leave all expensive electronics at home! These devices have a way of getting lost or broken at camp.

The only electronics allowed at Beber are digital cameras (no Go-Pros) and music players that are either screen-less or don’t have apps/photo/video capability. We have curated a list of some devices that fit this criterion (we have not tested these devices, therefore we cannot recommend any specifically).

Beber Acceptable Devices

All other music players, ebook readers, portable game devices, and video players should remain at home. Camp is one of the few places throughout the year where kids can truly unplug and we have made this decision to both honor and recognize this space and as a result of direct parent feedback.

Our professional staff and Board of Directors have come to this decision to:

  • encourage our campers to spend more time off their beds and outdoors
  • promote socialization between campers
  • remove the divide between “the haves, and the have-nots” in each cabin
  • reduce the stress associated with the damage to and theft of electronics
  • give campers a much-needed break from the world of technology
  • allow campers to fully embrace the connections they make with other campers
  • ensure that our campers are not exposed to age-inappropriate material

All electronics brought to camp that does not adhere to the policy will be collected with the first 24 hours of arrival to be placed in the camp safe. Camp will not be responsible for any uncollected electronics.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring

Beber Camp provides tutoring for campers who will be celebrating their B’nai Mitzvah in the upcoming year. Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes and we can typically accommodate one lesson per camper per week. Campers should bring all their materials with them to camp and are encouraged to spend their own time preparing for their lesson. Campers who have the materials on a screened device, such as an iPad, will be asked to turn in their device to our Director of Jewish Life to be safely stored by camp and then provided at tutoring time. To sign up for tutoring, please complete the form by logging into your CampInTouch account.

Contact Debbie Morris with any questions.

Staff Appreciation

Our staff members are hardworking and dedicated people who have been selected for their skills and integrity. They have been instructed, and have agreed, not to accept any gifts or monies from Parents in accordance with the American Camping Association Guidelines of Professional Ethics. A gratuity fund has been established and recommended amounts are listed on the application and are added to your tuition bill. Families may opt-out by contacting the camp office. All monies collected through gratuity will go directly to the 2022 gratuity fund for items like: staff in-services, trainings, day off facilities, and evening activities.

We are committed to ensuring that no child is denied a Jewish summer experience at Beber Camp, regardless of a family’s financial need.

As such, internal need-based assistance is available through our scholarship fund for all of our programs and we have partnered with the One Happy Camper (Campership) program to provide first-time incentives to encourage parents to choose Jewish camp. See below for the Beber Financial Aid application and for tools to help make camp more affordable for your family.

Needs-Based Assistance

In partnership with our alumni, board, private foundations, and individual donors, Beber Camp is able to provide financial assistance to our camp families.

  • Beber Camp offers need-based scholarships to all of our families. Families requesting financial assistance pay a reduced deposit amount and flexible payment schedules are available.
  • One source of scholarship funds can be your local synagogue. Many synagogues provide assistance on behalf of their member families for camp programs.
  • Another source of financial assistance is the Jewish Federation in your community. Many local Federations now sponsor needs-based camp scholarships.
  • We are committed to being your partner as your family moves through the financial aid process. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (847) 677-7130 with any questions or concerns.

Click here to fill out the 2023 financial aid application.

Click here if you need to submit additional financial documents.

Applications for the needs-based assistance open November 1 and will be due December 1.

One Happy Camper First-Year Incentive Grants

Intended for Jewish children not currently participating in a daily immersive Jewish experience, this gift – Up to $1,000 for first-year campers, and $700 for rookies – is a bold statement about the importance of the overnight Jewish camp experience to the future of our community.

To apply for this grant, visit onehappycamper.org.

The system will automatically determine your eligibility based on a variety of factors, including location, participation in a full-time Jewish Day School program, and camper age.

Traveling to Israel with our CIT or Pioneer Program?

Have a camper who is participating in the Pioneer or CIT Israel Trip? Exciting! The Financial Aid process for this program is similar but separate from the general camp scholarship program. Families requesting financial assistance for the Pioneer or CIT Israel Trip should complete the Beber Camp Financial Aid Application and pursue sources of local funding for teen leadership Israel programming.

Community Support

Beber Camp, as well as many local communities, have set aside monies specifically for sending campers to Israel. We have highlighted several communities and listed relevant contact information below:

Chicago, Illinois - Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago

In Chicago, the funding criteria and applications for the JUF’s Israel Trip financial aid programs are online. We’ve linked to them here:

Cleveland, OH - Jewish Education Center of Cleveland

Information regarding scholarship specific to the Cleveland area can be found here

Louisville, KY - Jewish Community of Louisville

Applications for both camp and Israel can be found here.

  • Campers that have never been on an organized trip to Israel can be eligible for up to $4,000 in scholarship.
  • Campers that have been on an organized trip to Israel can be eligible for up to $1,000 in scholarship.
Milwaukee, WI - Milwaukee Jewish Federation

While the Milwaukee Federation does not have financial assistance available for Israel teen programs, families can utilize any monies they have set aside through the “Passport 2 Israel” program. Questions about utilizing these funds can be found here.

Below you will find our packing list to help you prepare for camp.

Getting Ready For Camp - Packing List 2022

Countdown to Summer 2023!