A Day At Beber Camp

Community and customization are key to the Beber Camp experience. A typical day at Beber Camp includes cabin bonding and individual customization, with two cabin activiites and three periods of our choice-based hobbies per day.

One of Beber Camp’s strengths is our tight, intimate community. You will see siblings and friends from other bunks all the time, as the entire camp community comes together several times a day. From flagpole and meals to hobby breakout, Snack, and General Activity, the community is frequently interacting with each other. And if it’s not a typical day, your child will be participating in an All Camp Program, Shabbat, or Out of Camp Trip with friends old and new!

A Day At Camp

Discover below how a day at Beber Camp looks.

8:00 am/9:00 am (Ramot only)

Flag Raising/Breakfast

Campers and staff gather for morning flagpole. In one big circle, we raise the American, Israeli, and Beber flag. Following the flag raising, everyone is escorted to our outdoor hand washing stations on the way to breakfast. Breakfast ranges from savory to sweet, with cereal and fruit offered every day. Rotating breakfasts include french toast, egg sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, and hashbrowns!

9:00 am

Cabin Cleanup

Independence and responsibility are important skills developed at Beber Camp. Every day, campers spend time cleaning their cabins, rotating between jobs within their bunk. Campers leave camp with a deeper sense of responsibility for their spaces. Once a week we honor the “cleanest cabins” on camp, with a sweet treat all campers are determined to win.

9:45 am

Cabin Activity #1

Campers participate as a cabin group in cabin activities twice a day. The goal of cabin activity is to expose campers to the various program areas on camp as well as facilitate cabin group bonding. You camper will do a little bit of everything with the bunk including waterskiing, sports, arts, ropes, swimming, music and so much more!

10:30 am


 All of camp meets up at the Snack Shack for morning snack, where you can find an array of fruit, chips, and bars to help keep everyone energized and fueled.

10:45 am

Hobby #1

Kids of all ages know what they like to do, and we find it important to put activity choice in the campers hands. Our Hobby Program allows campers to customize their experience by choosing the activities they are interested in. Our intentional approach to high quality curriculum-based activities and our wide range of offerings, separates Beber from other overnight camps.

12:15 pm


Lunch time! Campers and counselors make their way to the Dining Hall where they sit by cabin. We serve all our meals buffet style, with a salad bar, fruit baskets, and DIY sandwich supplies available at every meal to make sure that everyone has something they enjoy.

1:00 pm

Rest Hour

Each day, campers are given an hour to rest inside their cabins. This time is unstructured, giving campers the chance to reset as they need. Mail is delivered at the start of rest hour, and campers often use this time to write letters home. Other rest hour activities include card games, friendship bracelets, reading, and just hanging out.

2:00 pm

Hobby #2

Second hobby of the day! Some classic Beber hobbies include sailing, guitar lessons, ceramics, ultimate frisbee, and even gymnastics! Which will your camper choose?

3:15 pm


All of camp meets up at the Snack Shack for afternoon snack. Outside of grabbing a snack, this is a great time for siblings and friends of all ages to catch up.

3:30 pm

Hobby #3

Hobbies are typically grouped by divisional age group, allowing same-age campers in different cabins to interact and form friendships. Special hobbies such as 'The Musical' include campers of all ages.

5:00 pm

Cabin Activity #2

5:45 pm

Shower Time

6:30 pm

Flag Lowering/Dinner

Each day at Beber ends with the joining of the community as we lower the flags. Everyone is then led to dinner where we enjoy Kosher Buffet-style dinner in the dining hall. Classic Beber dinners include brisket sandwiches, spaghetti dinner, and our classic Shabbat Dinner. As always, fruit, the salad bar, and sandwiches are always an option!

7:30 pm

General Activity

General Activity (GA) is a great time for siblings and campers in different age groups to interact and play. During this time, lower camp is scattered with games and balls, and sports fields are open for use. Campers have the opportunity to play games, mingle with friends, or just relax outdoors! This time is unstructured and allows campers to choose their own adventure while trying new activities.

8:15 pm

Evening Program

Evening programs are how we end each amazing day at Beber Camp! These fun and creative hour-long programs can be by cabin, division or with the all-camp community. Scavenger hunts, talent shows, wacky Olympics and fashion shows are just a few of the awesome ways that we end our days at Beber.

9:15 pm

Makor Bedtime

9:30 pm

Kesher Bedtime

9:45 pm

Ramot Bedtime

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