Become a Beber Ambassador! 

A Beber Camp Ambassador is someone who represents Beber in their community, and works to help grow and engage their local Beber community. As a Beber Camp Ambassador, you’ll use your creativity, community connections, and social media savvy, to authentically advocate for Beber Camp.

At its core, being a Camp Ambassador is about really loving camp, and being able to tell people about it.

How Does it Work?

We need you to help spread the word about Beber, both on and offline. Believe it or not, your peers look to you for guidance, direction, and support. Let’s use your influence to make an impact.

  • Join us at an initial introduction meeting via zoom, plus scheduled group meetings during the year.
  • Host and invite future families to an information session in your home or virtually. This is an opportunity for families to gather together, meet our leadership team, view camp videos, and get more information about Beber Camp. 
  • Send emails to family and friends
  • Wear camp apparel, display car magnets, or even put up lawn signs on your property.
  • Use social media to promote Beber with original posts based on your camp experience
  • Post on message boards, Facebook groups, and provide reviews
  • Speak with your Synagogue to see if they will display our materials, let us advertise in their bulletin or emails, or host a table during youth activities.

It’s up to us to provide you with the tools needed to be successful. We will always be available to provide you content and answer your questions. Once you commit to being an Ambassador Beber will provide tips on how to engage future families, marketing tools and materials, and promo/camp apparel. We will reimburse and provide ambassadors for refreshments purchased for any home visits and/open houses, as well as help plan your meet-n-greet or virtual open house, also attending as your co-host.

How do we support our Ambassadors?

We realize that spreading the word about camp and advocating for something you are passionate about is rewarding in itself. However, we want to make sure YOU know just how valuable you are to the success of Beber!

All ambassadors will receive a gift card to Beber’s Canteen and the following:

  • Exclusive Beber Camp Merch
  • $250 camp credit for hosting a meet-n-greet*
  • $500 camp credit for every new family you refer that signs up for Beber
  • $50 camp credit for every new family you refer that takes a tour of camp this summer
  • Additional surprises as you reach certain goals

*A meet-n-greet must have at least 2 new families

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Sign up here to become an ambassador today!

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