The Parent's View with Ronit and Dan Ripes

10 for 2 - A Beber Camp parent perspective as camp is just around the corner

Our children live "10 for 2." For ten months, they move through their daily routines, attending school, completing homework, playing sports and participating in their extra curricular activities. They enjoy it all, do well in school, have friends, and, thankfully, are healthy and happy. However, as those summer months near and preparation for camp packing begins, we see a whole other side to them. They literally come even more to life. Their excitement is palpable and their energy is positively contagious. Beber is that special and that wonderful!Beber Camp is their "home away from home." It is their happy place. It is where they feel the most safe and secure being themselves, trying new things, and exercising their independence. It is where they learned to ride horses, shoot arrows at a target, sail, fish, and waterski. It is where our daughter discovered her love of acting and our son discovered his affinity for playing the guitar. Beber’s beautiful campus on the shores of Lake Beulah provides our children with the most picturesque postcard of opportunities! Our children have created beloved memories out of every nook, whether it is bagel brunch on the island, opening routine at the flagpole, or racing on the Aquapark. The exceptionally warm, kind, and caring staff have tended to their every need from homesickness to swimmers' ears and a little taste of ills in between. They do it all with the most genuine feelings of love. It is this same wonderful staff that have also endured our own share of anxiety as parents sending their children away for four weeks. Every single form of communication has always been returned promptly with that same sense of empathy, compassion, and tenderness. Especially special for our family are the Beber camp traditions that continue at home, particularly around Jewish values and traditions. Our Friday night Shabbat dinners have now adopted the vivacious Beber-style Ha’Motzi prayer complete with all corresponding choreography. Songs and prayers sung at synagogue often take on the Beber melody. Recently, our son completed an assignment for Hebrew School in which he had to recreate what he felt to be his sacred space. He built a model of camp on Minecraft, complete with farm animals, and it was outstanding!There is no denying the deep love we have for this very special place. As a family, we have been fortunate to spend several summers attending Family Camp and can easily understand why our kids live 10 for 2 for 3BC (B'nai B'rith Beber Camp), their home away from home. With our deepest gratitude,Ronit & Dan Ripes