The Parent's View with Megan Maurer

I am so pleased with the care our children received from Beber’s Health Center staff. Last year, both of our boys (our seven-year-old who was at camp for the first time and our 12-year-old who was only there for his second year) developed a stomach bug on the first evening of camp. They had to be admitted to the Health Center and could not be with their bunkmates for a couple of days. It seemed like such an awful start to camp for them. But, the Health Center staff took great care of the boys and called me with periodic updates and offered reassurance not just on their physical but emotional state as well. I called multiple times a day because I was so worried about them, and each time someone answered or returned the call promptly, was kind and responsive, did not rush me and provided in-depth answers to my questions.In addition, both of our boys were treated for the usual camp crud: impetigo, colds, bug bites, etc. The communication from the Health Center was always prompt and thorough and the care they received from the camp doctors and nurses is on par with the treatment they receive at home. My older son is allergic to certain antibiotics, and the Health Center staff have always been on top of that when administering care. My boys told me that if you get sick at other camps, it’s awful, but that at Beber, it was actually fun. Their counselors came to visit them and bunkmates got to visit as well (often just through closed windows outside their rooms), their bunkmates wrote them notes, mail was brought to them, and they even got to do some activities and could go outside as they were recovering. Nurses checked on them frequently and made sure they had whatever they needed. It isn’t easy to send children away for a month, especially a very young child. Truthfully, I was so upset and worried about them those first few days when they were really sick, especially because my little one was so young and so new, that I didn’t think I would get through it. So, not only did my children do well in this situation, but I grew stronger because of it. Sending children away to camp is so much easier when you have the confidence in the care they receive at Beber.