Hammock Park Becomes Hammock City - Site Updates - November 2023

Managing a 320-acre facility is always a challenge, and overseeing a summer camp with nearly a century of history on the same grounds adds layers of responsibility. The camp, which started as Burr Oaks before becoming Beber, has a dedicated site team, including Richard, Bruce, Richie, and Shannon, who continually ensure its smooth operation. We also extend our best wishes to Ed as he embarks on a well-deserved retirement; however, we're pleased to share that he'll be back in action during the summer, tending to the pool and farm.Now, let's dive into the latest updates and happenings:

Site Update - Hammock Park

Expanding the Hammock Park: Campers experienced a new relaxation space near the Blue Swing last summer. Crafted by David "Swany" Swanson and Michael Wax, this novel and playful space ensured campers had additional hangout spots for GA. Its popularity prompted the creation of another space right next to it, thanks to Ed and Richie! Look forward to its swinging debut for Summer 2024.

Site Update - Boat

Boating Fleet Upgrade: Great news for our skiing and sailing campers as we unveil the upgrade to our boating fleet. Bid farewell to the old and welcome two newer Malibu boats, replacing their aging counterparts. A brand-new RS Zest will also grace Lake Beulah, taking the helm from a retired Barnett sailboat.

Site Update - Teen Lounge

Revamped Teen Leadership Space: Transforming the former Perlman Retreat Center's dance pavilion into a Teen Leadership space is underway. With windows, insulation, air conditioning, and thoughtful interior modifications, this dedicated teen zone promises to be a "lit" addition to our program.Oakies Upgrade: With permits secured and final bids pending, the selection of a builder for Oakies is imminent. Breaking ground this December, this transformation promises to be a needed step forward from the cherished but dated Oakies of yesteryears.

Site Update - Dance Studio
Site Update - Kitchen

Dance Studio and Indoor Kitchen Floors: After years of use, the Dance Studio and indoor kitchen floors have undergone meticulous rejuvenation, courtesy of Shannon's dedicated efforts. Campers will be excited to reunite with these polished floors for their dance and cooking hobbies.Site Manager’s House Upgrade: The iconic yellow house on Highway J, home to the camp caretaker (or site manager), is undergoing a transformation. The siding replacement for Richard’s house is nearly complete—an overdue enhancement that adds a touch of modernity to this old home.

Site Update - Caretakerhouse

Assorted Improvements: Amidst all the preparations for the upcoming summer, attention is being given to aging air conditioning units, with a gradual replacement plan in motion. The Yurt Village is set to welcome a new addition in the form of another yurt in the coming months, among other exciting developments. Stay tuned for ongoing updates as we share glimpses of these projects, providing you with an insider's view as Summer 2024 unfolds!