Prioritizing Safety in Program Areas at Beber Camp

Prioritizing Safety in Program Areas at Beber Camp
Prioritizing Safety in Program Areas at Beber Camp

At Beber Camp, we take immense pride in delivering exceptional childcare and outstanding programming. Ensuring a successful, enjoyable and, above all, safe summer, is our top priority. To achieve this, our dedicated full-time team recently completed their CPR/First Aid recertification. We recognize the importance of having trained adults in various areas of camp, ready to respond effectively in case of emergencies.

CampSafe Badge 2023

In terms of camper care, all staff members working directly with campers are required to complete an online training called KidSafe, offered by the Center for Child Counseling. During staff training, counselors also learn behavioral management strategies using the Love and Logic approach.Our summer staff undergoes specialized safety training sessions designed for specific areas of camp. These trainings occur before the campers arrive, with additional reviews scheduled throughout the summer. For instance:

  • Counselors involved in gymnastics hobbies complete training through USA Gymnastics, emphasizing the importance of proper supervision when campers and staff use equipment.
  • Staff at Beber help campers progress through skills training based on USA Waterski & Wakeboard levels. Proper communication, hand signals, foot placement, ski positions, and other crucial aspects are emphasized. Our longstanding membership with the USA Waterski & Wake Sports organization underlines our commitment to safety. Our boat drivers also meet with representatives from the DNR to ensure thorough knowledge of safety on Lake Beulah.
  • Lifeguards at the waterfront and pool are American Red Cross certified on-site, specializing in bodies of water they will be supervising throughout the summer.
  • Staff involved in challenge courses undergo a comprehensive week-long on-site training through an accredited organization, with annual recertification required for returning individuals.
  • Archery hobby leaders must be certified through the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) to ensure the safe engagement of campers in this area.
  • Leadership staff take an online medication administration course through the Alliance for Camp Health to enable them to safely administer medication to campers on out of camp trips.

Our commitment to safety is evident in the proactive measures taken by our full-time team. We strive to set our summer staff up for success by providing specific training and certification opportunities, instilling confidence in our campers and their families.