Introducing the Summer 2024 Leadership Team

Staffing is crucial for Beber Camp’s success, and we are proud to introduce the Summer 2024 Leadership Team! The positions and names listed below include skilled individuals who are passionate about Beber Camp and eager to supervise counselors and programmatic staff this summer. This team builds the foundation for the entire staff, and they also create a lively and safe environment for our campers to have the most incredible summer yet!


  • Administrator: Cheryl Kaplan
  • Office Manager: Amy Millman
  • Operations Assistant: Itay Babel Pour

Kitchen Leads

  • Head Chef: Abdiel Robles Cruz
  • Purchaser: Carlos Villegas Flores
  • Allergy Lead: Fer Dominguez
  • Cook Lead: Adriana Rojas Loaeza
  • Dining Hall Lead: Jafet Torres Olivares
  • Pareve Lead: Michell Sanchez
  • Perlman Village Lead: Layla Vaquero Santiago
  • Weekend Cook Lead: Cesar Augusto Abarca Ortiz

Housekeeping Leads

  • Citlalic Serrano Valdez
  • Nancy Gonzalez Escarcega

Maintenance Lead

  • Giovanni Corte Acevedo

Health Center Administrators

  • Session 1: Jen Garson
  • Session 2: Alix Hoekzema


  • Hobby Director: Bob Goldwin
  • Program Director: Kym Bird
  • Program Coordinator: Julia Bartol
  • Athletics Director: Sari Stinson
  • Challenge Course Director: Thom van Keekan
  • Outdoor Adventure/Farm Director: Georgie Morris
  • Fine Arts Area Director: Ciara Cunningham
  • Music Area Director: Maddie Bird
  • Music Area Director Emeritus: Russell Wiener
  • Arts and Crafts Area Director: Hannah Harris
  • Aquatics/Pool Area Director: Alice Leng
  • Waterfront Paddle/Fishing/AP Area Director: David Swanson
  • Waterskiing Area Director: Bruce Gilchrist
  • Surf & Sail Area Director: Freya McDowell
  • Director of Jewish Life: Lara Zeigler
  • Head Song Leader: Brady Traugot
  • Program/Purchasing Leader: Chuck Kahalnik

Yad Team

  • Yad Inclusion Supervisor: Jack Bender/ Ari Atlas
  • Yad Coordinator: Lilah Ephraim

Staff Life Coordinators

  • Lily Marcus
  • Paola Gomez

Hagan Director

  • Ash Claeson


  • Makor Division Leader: Jolie Ring
  • Makor Division Leader: Sophie Heller
  • Makor Head Counselor: Hazel Shapiro
  • Makor Head Counselor: Gabi Josefson


  • Kesher Division Leader: Lior Latimer
  • Kesher Head Counselor: Suzanne Toal


  • Ramot Division Leader: Izzie Baron
  • Ramot Division Leader: Julia Bessen
  • Ramot Head Counselor: Sophie Golden
  • Ramot Head Counselor: Gareth Hofhuis

TLP Directors

  • TLP Director: Morgan Morris
  • TLP Clinical Director: Michelle Bornstein

PIO Leaders

  • PIO Leader: Shani Blumenfeld
  • PIO Leader: Ron Bohbot
  • PIO Leader: Bradley Epstein
  • PIO Leader: Ben Jones
  • PIO Leader: Abby Kauffman
  • PIO Leader: Jill Kolesky
  • PIO Leader: Izzy Strauss

CIT Leaders

  • CIT Leader: Maya Hatsubai
  • CIT Leader: Allie Wilk
  • CIT Leader: Eva Corcoran
  • CIT Leader: Jack Munnelly