Introducing the Moadon: Beber’s New Teen Leadership Space - Site Update

Exciting news, campers! We're thrilled to announce the latest addition to Perlman Village at Beber Camp: the Moadon, our very own Teen Leadership Space. But what exactly is the Moadon?First things first, let's break down the name. "Moadon" is a Hebrew word meaning clubhouse, and that's precisely what this space embodies—a place where our teen leaders can gather, connect, and foster their leadership skills. We’re proud to note that our Teen Leadership campers chose the name "Moadon." It's a testament to the sense of ownership and community that this space embodies.

The transformation of the Moadon has been a labor of love for our dedicated site team. What was once the old dance studio has now been renovated into a vibrant and versatile space. From laying the siding to constructing walls, installing windows, insulating, and even adding heating and air conditioning, every step of the renovation process has been carefully executed to create a comfortable and inviting environment.We owe a huge thank you to the incredible site team—Richard, Richie, and Bruce—who poured their time, effort, and expertise into bringing the Moadon to life. Their hard work has truly paid off, and we're incredibly grateful for everything they've done.

What can our TLP campers expect from the Moadon? This space will serve as a hub for Teen Leadership activities during rest hour, free time, and beyond. It will be a comfortable space that is also equipped with a projector and a large screen, it's the perfect spot for Shabbat movie night and perhaps even the Summer Olympics!As we look forward to the summer ahead, we can't wait to see the Moadon come to life with laughter, learning, and leadership. Get ready, TLP — your new Moadon awaits!