Director's Corner - July 8, 2024

Monday, July 8, 2024

Life is a Cabaret

What good is sitting alone in your room?
Come hear the music play
Life is a cabaret, old chum
Come to the cabaret
Put down the knitting, the book and the broom
It's time for a holiday
Life is a cabaret, old chum
Come to the cabaret

Happy Mukwonago Monday! Today was a fantastic day here at camp as we start to wrap up the session. Campers had a blast with two cabin activities, and our bunks are now enjoying their final rounds of all our activities.

Hobbies ran smoothly today. Campers navigated to their activities with ease, staff took attendance efficiently, and everyone had a blast. Our biking enthusiasts hit the trails for an exciting adventure, while our tennis players honed their backhand skills. The musical campers are busy adding the finishing touches to their production of “Matilda,” and I can't wait to see it tomorrow. One really cool hobby I spent some time at today was Jr. Lifesaving. Our aquatics staff are working with campers on a modified lifeguarding course. I sure hope this hobby inspires these campers to be on the aquatics staff when they come to camp as staff members.

Breakfast: Waffles
Lunch: Mac and Cheese
Dinner: Brisket

After a delightful dinner of brisket sandwiches, campers enjoyed General Activities (GA). It was heartwarming to see so many campers playing games, chatting with friends, or relaxing on the Blue Swing, a beloved fixture at camp since Burr Oaks (the camp that was on grounds before Beber). My favorite GA activity is Baggo (aka Cornhole, Bags, Bean Bag Toss). I've had a running game on Saturday morning with some Pio campers.

Speaking of camp fixtures like the Blue Swing, you might have heard about the 72 steps—yes, there really are 72 of them, always a fun count going up or down. Another iconic spot is the Hobby Wheel, a wooden wheel where campers gather in lower camp to break out for hobbies. A recent addition, the Giant Green Chair overlooking Lake Beulah, has quickly become a favorite photo spot. Last summer, we expanded our camp fixtures with a playground and hammock area. Due to its popularity, over the winter we expanded the hammock area.  The hammock area, built by myself and Swany, has become a popular relaxation spot, while the playground buzzes with activity around the tables and jungle gym, offering a cool photo op with campers hanging out at the top.

Senior Ramot enjoyed a special trip to Lake Geneva this afternoon for some group shopping and bonding time off camp. They ended their special right of passage day at the Elegant Farmer where they experienced a hayride, tour of the facilities and a grilled cheese dinner.  They of course got an opportunity to shop in the market and many campers enjoyed a slice of their famous apple pie with ice cream or a Beber Camp, t-shirt shaped cookie.

Tonight for the evening program, campers were entertained with the Fine Art Festival.  Campers and staff gathered in Crown Hall to watch the culmination of several of our hobbies perform. We were treated to a video by our Fine Arts trip leaders encapsulating their amazing adventures. We also had a live performance from the camp band “See an enemy (sea anemone).” They sang a rocking version of Grenade by Bruno Mars. We heard performances from the recording studio hobby. One in particular was about weird food combinations like watermelon and hot sauce. Not something that sounds appetizing but hey, I may give it a whirl and find out.  We had a recording to a song from the musical “Hamilton” about looking for a cheeseburger. A video and music production by our newly formed Glee Hobby called the Jew Direction where they produced their own show mimicking the famous TV series and performance of their own mash up. Way to go!  We got to watch videos from the movie making hobby where they created their own scripts and produced their own videos.  Amazing live performances from our dance hobbies were definitely impressive. We even had a special treat of a choreographed dance by our CITs. There were so many cool videos and performances and I was thoroughly impressed.  What these campers were able to create in a five day hobby rotation is just incredible.  I am so proud of all of them.  The Fine Arts Festival will continue on Thursday during Beber Fest where our art projects will be displayed for all of camp to see and some of our other rock bands will perform in Crown Hall to kick things off.  So exciting!

Life is definitely a Cabaret!  From activities to performances we had it all today!  What a fantastic Beber Monday!

P.S. Congratulations to those who knew that Madonna sang “Holiday!”  

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