Director's Corner - July 9, 2024

Tuesday, July 9, 2024

When I Grow Up

When I grow up
I will be brave enough to fight the creatures
That you have to fight beneath the bed
Each night to be a grown up
When I grow up

Just because you find that life's not fair
It doesn't mean that you just have to grin and bear it
If you always take it on the chin and wear it
Nothing will change

Time seems to be flying by, and here I am at my desk, reflecting on another amazing day at camp. We're gearing up for the final days of our first session, with our operations team working tirelessly behind the scenes to manage camper departures and prepare for the next session. I’m really proud of Julia Bessen in her first year as Operations Director.  There are a lot of moving parts, especially when it comes to moving over 300 campers back and forth to camp.  Her attention to detail, passion for customer service, and energy are admirable.  Thank you Julia!

My days are filled with laughter, smiles, and cherished moments with campers—I'm reluctant for it all to end. Witnessing the tremendous growth in our campers has been incredible, I'm certain their time here has significantly benefited their mental and social well-being. I eagerly await their return home on Friday, excited for you to hear all their stories.

I'd like to also acknowledge our housekeeping and maintenance teams who work diligently throughout the day—cleaning, fixing, plunging, mowing, and ensuring everything runs smoothly, often without recognition. Yesterday, they hung plaques in Crown Hall, preserving Maccabiah memories and cleaned up the grounds ensuring our camp looks its best. We even have a Beber tooth fairy named Cuspida, secretly preparing letters and treats for campers who've lost teeth.

Campers spent today immersed in their favorite hobbies—completing art projects, enjoying water sports on Lake Beulah, and playing basketball and tennis. Their enthusiasm for these final days is palpable, as they balance excitement for homecoming with sadness over leaving. It reminds me of Stacy Greenberg's book "NERVCITED," capturing the mix of emotions campers feel about camp. Perhaps a sequel, "Sad and Excited," is due.

Tonight, our campers staged the debut of "Matilda," a culmination of weeks spent rehearsing, building sets, and mastering roles. It was a triumph, especially for campers who overcame homesickness to shine on stage. Their joy in performing for a live audience was infectious. Campers showcased so much talent and the audience was captivated.  Our musical director Pat celebrated his eleventh show here at Beber and his attention to detail and evoking the most from our campers is truly impressive. There is so much value in the ability to get these campers on stage in front of a live audience of their peers.  It teaches them confidence, poise, and gives them strength to face their fears.  I am so incredibly proud of them all! Tomorrow, they'll celebrate with a cast party, Beber style!

Tomorrow concludes our regular programming. My wish for our campers is simple: carry home cherished memories, new skills, and lifelong friendships.

Breakfast: Eggs, Hashbrowns and toast

Lunch: Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Dinner: Taco Bar

In closing, I am filled with pride at getting to share in the growth and development of our campers this session.  I hope that they bottle up all of these memories and carry them through their lives, “When they Grow Up.”

P.S. Congratulations to those who knew that Liza Minnelli sang “Life Is a Cabaret!”  

Diane B
Christie B
Amy L

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