Director's Corner - July 7, 2024

Sunday, July 7, 2024


If we took a holiday
Took some time to celebrate
Just one day out of life
It would be, it would be so nice
Everybody spread the word
We're gonna have a celebration
All across the world
In every nation
It's time for the good times
Forget about the bad times, oh yeah
One day to come together to release the pressure
We need a holiday

Hear ye! Hear ye! What an extraordinary day it has been! Today, the entire camp enjoyed a hearty breakfast together in the dining hall before gathering their spending money and lunches, and setting off for the Bristol Renaissance Faire.   Located in Kenosha the fair offers an immersive experience that transports our campers to a fantastical 16th century village. The grounds span around 30 acres and there is so much activity, with lively street performers, costumed characters, and a variety of themed entertainment. Campers can see jousting tournaments, see live music and theatrical performances and explore markets with handcrafted goods, jewelry and unique crafts. Of course, there are some really great food vendors. There are also themed events and demonstrations, such as falconry displays and storytelling sessions.

I want to commend our operations and program teams for their impeccable organization, smoothly coordinating the boarding of over 500 people onto 13 buses across three different locations on camp. It's no easy feat but they do it with such precision and efficiency.  

Upon arrival at the faire, campers and staff enjoyed their packed lunches in the parking lot. They were divided into small groups based on friend requests, each group accompanied by dedicated staff. Throughout the day, there were designated meeting spots where leadership team members, along with medical support, were stationed every half hour. Nurses and clinicians were on-site to handle any issues, and there were mandatory check-in times to ensure everyone stayed hydrated and to assess group well-being. Our TLP campers get a taste of responsibility by being allowed to travel in small groups with more check in times but allowing them to branch out and explore on their own.  

Once equipped with tickets from the wonderfully attired Kym Bird, the campers eagerly explored the faire. The day was filled with a myriad of activities—from fire whip performances to comedy shows (complete with tomato throwing), a thrilling joust, musical performances on stage, and many walking minstrels. The spectacle of people dressed in elaborate costumes added to the festival's charm, making people-watching a highlight in itself.

And the food! Campers sampled a delightful array of treats including portobello mushrooms, crepes with ice cream and fruit, Spanish fries with onions and cheese, deep-fried mac and cheese bites, broccoli cheese soup in bread bowls, sorbet served in fruits, artichokes, ice cream, fried cheese fritters, cheese pizza, and more. It's a wonder anyone had room left for the BBQ dinner back at camp!

Shopping was another delight, with campers purchasing diablos, flower crowns, elf ears, lotions, scrubs, stuffed animals, and jewelry—so much to choose from! After a full day of exploration and enjoyment, the campers returned to camp on the buses, content and a bit lighter in the pocket after splurging on souvenirs, including popular items like salt scrubs in various scents.

We had a bit of rain while at the faire, which is mostly out in the open but we quickly sprung into action getting all the groups into shops to hang out while the rain passed.  Even before it faded into a drizzle, campers were back out taking full advantage of all that the faire had to offer.

After a satisfying dinner on the island, campers burned off their remaining energy with activities at GA. Ramot extended their GA tonight and then decided to have an early night to be well rested for hobbies tomorrow.  Makor played a version of dodgeball/capture the flag themed after their day at the Renaissance Faire where they created a fortress around their flag to protect their castle.  Kesher had a lip synch battle tonight and I thoroughly enjoyed walking around and watching the campers practice their acts in hopes to take first prize.  

The campers had an amazing time at the Bristol Renaissance Fair today.   Just so much entertainment.  It felt like a holiday today!

P.S. Congratulations to those who knew that Michael Bolton sang “Go The Distance!”  It was from the movie Hercules

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