Director's Corner - Friday, June 21

Director's Corner - Friday June 21, 2024

I Gotta Feeling

I got a feelin'
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good, good night
A feelin'
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good night
That tonight's gonna be a good, good night

Today was an incredible day from beginning to end! I always feel a unique happiness when I wake up on Friday morning, looking forward to the enjoyment we'll have leading up to one of my favorite moments at camp... Shabbat! It's hard to believe it's already Friday.

Today, we wrapped up our first round of hobbies and campers eagerly signed up for next week's hobby sessions. The arts and crafts activities this week were a blast! Campers honed their skills in ceramics, making friendship bracelets, and working with copper enamel, creating some impressive pieces to bring home. We had an artist in residence for the ceramics hobby which really upped the level of instruction.  I’m so impressed when we are able to provide high level instruction and we certainly benefited from the talent in ceramics this week.  Our staff will be able to take what they learned and apply it all summer long.

In our swim-the-lake hobby, campers spent the week swimming laps to prepare for the ultimate challenge: crossing Lake Beulah by the end of the session. Tennis and even pickleball, beach volleyball, and baseball also saw some great coaching sessions. I was able to see campers receive awards in basketball and baseball at the end of Hobby 1.  It was a thrill to see campers receive special honors.

Today marked the second canteen of the session, with campers relishing their special snacks. They also enjoy two snacks daily: fruit in the morning after cabin activity and a choice of fruit, pretzels, or cookies in the afternoon — always a delicious treat.

Friday afternoons skip the second cabin activity for Shabbat preparation. Today's theme was "dress in white," adding a special flair to our evening. We began with a casual gathering, the "Shabbat Schmooze," at Hobby Wheel Field, where campers socialized and captured memories. The evening continued with bunk gatherings to welcome Shabbat, express gratitude, and share in prayers led by guitar-accompanied services in Crown Hall. Ruchel, our storyteller, enchanted us with a story with a moral and song without the words, sparking reflections on the week's experiences and supporting our Shabbat theme of Gratitude.

We managed to fit all of camp in the dining hall this evening for a wonderful Shabbat dinner.  I am so grateful when our entire community gets together in one place.  It was a little crowded but the energy that exuded throughout the dining hall was extremely special.  Hearing our campers enthusiastically sing the Tish after the meal was both entertaining and heart warming.

Following services, campers donned sports jerseys for a spirited Israeli Dance on the Ron Kaplan Courts, blending classic moves with new ones learned throughout the week. This lively session culminated in a vibrant song sesh led by the Beber Music Staff Band, mixing traditional Jewish melodies with popular tunes, all while reinforcing our camp's profound connection to Jewish traditions.

Ramot campers enjoyed a special movie night after the festivities, a relaxing contrast to the energetic evening. Tomorrow, the entire camp will relish a well-deserved morning sleep-in and a leisurely start to the day.

Earlier today our Pioneers returned from their three day trip to the beautiful High Cliffs State Park.  This trip served as a bonding experience for the teen leadership campers which are now all together for the session and allowed them to explore their leadership skills through skill building in a natural setting.  In meeting with the Pios upon their return, stories were shared with me of their great hike to the statue and the cliffs overlooking Lake Winnebago, their fantastic and insightful programming, as well as their challenges with a little rain on day one that taught them flexibility and a little resiliency as well.  I am proud of this large group of future leaders and I look forward to witnessing their growth this summer.

“I gotta feelin’ that tonight’s gonna be a good night” and boy was it ever!

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