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Dates and Rates

Please note the following important information for the upcoming summer:

2021 Dates and Rates

SessionStart DateEnd DateTuition
First SessionJune 20July 16$5,510
Rookie 1 (Up to Entering 5th Grade)June 20July 4$2,850
Second SessionJuly 18August 13$5,510
Rookie 2 (Up to Entering 5th Grade)July 18August 1$2,850
Pioneer ProgramJune 20July 16$5,510
Pioneer (Second Session)July 18August 13$5,510
8 Week CIT Program (if at camp)June 20August 13$5,510
4 Week CIT Program + Israel Trip (if at camp + Israel)June 20August 13$2,755 + $4,870 Israel Trip ($1,870 with RootOne Voucher)

*Please note that $75 per session/per camper will be added to your tuition bill that will be put towards our Staff Gratuity Fund.


Payment Policy
For your convenience, Beber Camp accepts cash, checks, American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and eCheck. eCheck is the preferred method of payment. Registrations are not complete until deposits are made. Prior to processing registrations, accounts are reviewed for outstanding balances. Registration cannot be processed until past-due balances are reconciled.
· A $250 deposit per session/per camper is required upon enrollment. Deposits paid by check must be received within 7 business days to finalize your camper’s enrollment.
· If you have a credit from Summer 2020, no deposit is necessary.
· If you are still due a balance from Summer 2020, you may apply your credit. We will contact you to confirm this transaction.
· For families interested in applying for Beber’s Financial Aid Program, a $250 per session, per camper deposit is required.
· Pioneer and CIT Applicants will be charged the $250 deposit upon enrollment. Should your child not be accepted into the program, or they decline their accepted spot within the 30-day grace period, all monies paid will be refunded in full.
Final Payment
All camp fees must be paid in full by March 1.
Payment Plans
Families registering online have four payment options:
· Pay in full at time of registration.

· Pay in three equal installments on November 1, January 1, and March 1.

· Pay in six equal installments on October 1, November 1, December 1, January 1, February 1, and March 1.

· Create a customized plan to be approved by camp administration.

· All fees, including deposit, will be refunded if camp cancels due to Covid-19.

· The $250 deposit is fully refundable until November 1, 2020. Deposits are non-refundable after November 1, 2020.

· If an applicant signs up for camp after the deposit is non refundable, the applicant will get 30 days to obtain a refund following the application date.

· All fees are non refundable after March 1, 2021 unless camp cancels due to Covid-19.

· Families who apply for camp after March 1, 2021 will have ten business days to pay their balance in full. A $250 deposit will be required upon registering. Deposits paid after March 1, 20201 are non-refundable.

Financial Aid
Families applying for financial aid provide a deposit of $250 at the time of registration. For policies regarding the financial aid process, please click here for more information.
Returned Payments and Refunds
· All checks and bank drafts returned for insufficient funds will incur a $25 fee assessed on your account.

· If you are awaiting a refund, please do not dispute the charge with your card holder. Payments that are disputed in error will incur a $50 fee assessed on your account.

· Any refunds will be sent via bill.com by check or eCheck within 6 weeks.

Staff Gratuity
For Summer 2021, we currently expect our staff to not be able to leave camp, therefore we are increasing this fee from $60 to $75 to meet the needs of our staff. Staff members have been instructed and agreed not to accept any gifts or monies from parents in accordance with the American Camping Association Guidelines of Professional Ethics. $75 will be added to your tuition bill per session/per camper that is specifically allocated towards our Staff Gratuity Fund. You may opt-out of this gratuity by contacting us.
Covid Payment
A $200/session or $100/rookie session COVID-19 fee will be added to each camper’s account. This fee is in anticipation of providing testing, employing extra medical staff, purchasing enhanced PPE, and paying for increased cleaning costs. Should the situation change, we will not charge the fee.