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Summer 2021 Information

The information surrounding COVID-19 is constantly changing and evolving. This plan is written to reflect what Camp would look like if it were to open today. We are regularly updating this document to reflect any changes made to policies and best practice recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Check back frequently for our most current plans.

We believe that the value of bringing our campers and staff together on the shores of Lake Beulah, among friends old and new, and participating in a traditional, albeit slightly modified, Jewish overnight camp experience is needed more than ever during this challenging period of time. In order to be successful, there are hundreds of campers and staff relying on each one of us to be committed to Camp’s success. Ensuring the healthiest start to Summer 2021 we will require a partnership between Beber Camp and our families, campers, and staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

To view our most current version of our Covid-19 plan, please click here.

All FAQs were updated 03/12/21 unless otherwise noted.

What are the pre-arrival health and safety expectations?

  1. All campers and staff must exhibit socially conscious behaviors during the 14 days prior to arrival at camp. In order to minimize risk and maximize the health and well-being of all our campers and staff, we are requesting all campers remain vigilant, practice socially conscious behavior by limiting exposure to people outside of their households and immediate family beginning 14 days prior to the start of the camp session. Ideally, campers would not leave their home 14 days before camp starts.  We know, however, campers are in school and may have medical appointments beyond your control. It is our expectation that campers and their families avoid public gatherings such as birthday parties, BBQs, sporting events, etc.  

During the 14-day period prior to their arrival to Beber, campers will need to document daily health screenings at home. We will forward a Self-Screening Protocol that will ask campers’ parents to track and log symptoms at home. All campers’ Self-Screening Protocols must be uploaded for review by camp medical professionals in order to be admitted to camp.  

  1. We ask other household members to take appropriate physical distancing and preventive measures including but not limited to the following.
    1. Wearing a mask whenever outside of your home
    2. Staying 6 feet away from other people
    3. Washing hands with soap and water frequently
    4. Utilize curbside store/restaurant delivery services
    5. Limit non-essential travel
  2. Campers and staff should expect to produce at least one (1) negative molecular PCR COVID-19 test within 2-5 days before arrival and submit the results to Camp.  All campers and staff must have a negative PCR test in order to attend camp, unless you have medical proof of testing positive to Covid-19 90 days or less prior to the beginning of camp.  It is imperative that a few days prior to the test and once taken that campers, staff and families are overly cautious and practice social distancing until arrival at camp. YOU are our partners in risk mitigation.
    1. Campers and staff members who receive a positive test several days prior to arrival should contact us immediately and NOT plan to travel to camp.
  3. Beber Camp staff will undergo a second quarantine which will take place at Camp prior to campers’ arrival.

What is the testing strategy for the summer?

  • Our testing protocol for the summer is yet to be determined.  

How will campers get to and from Camp?

Please refer to our “Travel Information” page for details about getting to and from camp.

Will the campers be separated into pods at Camp, and what is a pod?

A “Cabin” or “Bunk”  is like an immediate family; campers and staff in a bunk do not need to wear a mask when around one another. 

A “Pod” is made up of two or more cabins, not exceeding 50 individuals, allowing for small groups of campers to interact with each other. This allows for campers in Pods to have choices during activities. They will have daily interactions with each other in activities, but still follow the ⅔ rule:

  1. Outdoors
  2. Physically Distant
  3. Wearing Masks

Our priority is that campers and staff remain safe and healthy and that everyone experiences camp in the most authentic way possible.

Will campers and staff have to wear masks at Camp?

In order to contain possible exposure and spread of COVID-19, we are requiring face masks that cover both the nose and mouth when campers and staff are in public areas where they will mix with anyone outside of their pod (when we mix, we mask). Masks will not be required when campers and staff are located inside their own cabins. 

Campers and staff must go by the 2/3 rule, and they must always be doing two of the three when they’re mixing with anyone outside of their pod: outdoors, physically distant, and masked.

Campers should come to Camp with 10-15 cloth masks that are a minimum of two layers, a box of 50-100 disposable masks, and we suggest a mask-lanyard holder for campers to wear around their neck when/if they remove their mask. Campers will be changing their masks a few times a day. Gaiters will not be accepted.  

All masks must be labeled with first and last name. Each camper should bring a zippered lingerie bag to Camp that is legibly labeled for their masks to be washed.  We will wash masks every few days by bunk.

The fit is critical.  Follow the guidelines below.  Have your camper practice running around with the mask on so that you can see it stays up and fits well.

What is the Beber Camp Bubble?

Best practices include creating a closed campus, or bubble. Once our campers and staff arrive, they will not be allowed to leave. We will follow protocols for any in-and-out moments – such as offsite medical visits.

Staff will arrive prior to camp with a negative PCR test, and will remain in our camp community during their time off.

What will a regular camp day look like?

Meals are a special aspect of the Beber Camp experience:

  • Meals will be served with recommended community mitigation strategies including staggered times and utilizing outdoor dining spaces.
  • Meals will be served cafeteria-style. We will have staff servers to optimize choice without sacrificing safety.
  • We will create choices and provide for special dietary needs as we have always done. Campers and staff will have access to breakfast bar, salad bar, and pasta bar items at each meal as well as Sunbutter and jelly sandwiches.

Campers love our variety of Hobby offerings: 

  • Pods will be assigned to activities to attend together and will have choices within hobby activities, as we usually do.  Each hobby schedule will be 3-days long giving our campers the opportunity for skill development and achievement.
  • We are examining how each activity may need to be modified to ensure the health and safety of our camp community.  Each activity area will have adjusted plans that follow all ACA, CDC, and our medical committee recommendations.

Evening programs are always a highlight: 

  • Pods will participate in their own evening programs. Some programs may be delivered to multiple groups where more than one Pod may be able to participate in parallel activities while maintaining proper physical distancing.
  • Some of our favorite all-camp programs such as the Camper Talent Show, Staff Talent Show, Fine Arts Fest, Maccabiah, and Banquet will continue to exist in modified form and done so in a safe and responsible way that keeps our Pods intact and our 2/3 rule followed.

Will there be Mental, Emotional, and Social Health (MESH) support at Camp?

  • We believe that the value of bringing our campers and staff together is needed more than ever during this challenging period of time. We are committed to providing our future leaders with a respite from the effects of a pandemic-impacted world by giving them a safe and healthy community. We will help them bridge the gap between being physically disconnected and being connected together at Camp.
  • Beber Camp’s Community Care team led by Debbie Morris, LCSW, will be at Camp all summer to provide support to campers and staff and to partner with parents to facilitate a successful and happy summer. Our team always works hard to acclimate campers to the experience of being away from home and comfortably immersing themselves in the camp environment. We have added additional care for the summer of 2021 recognizing that, after months of physical distancing, the need for greater MESH support will exist. 
  • Our children need camp. They need to disconnect from their devices and reconnect with their people. They need to inhale fresh outdoor air and exhale stresses from their last 12+ months. They are ready, and we are ready for them!

Where can I find more information about Beber Camp's summer plans?

Please click here to view our most current Covid-19 Plan

This plan is written to reflect what Camp would look like if it were to run today.  We are regularly updating this document to reflect any changes made to policies and best practice recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Check back frequently for our most current plans.