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Leadership Team 2019

Beber Camp’s Leadership staff are essential to creating incredible summer experiences for fellow staff and campers alike. Below are the leadership positions for Summer 2019.

Division Leader – Julia Bartol
Head Counselor – Claire Metzger

Division Leader – Sophie Factor
Head Counselor – Carter Jay

Division Leader – Hannah Spevak
Head Counselor – Jonah Packman

Teen Leadership
Pio Director – Bennett Shapiro
Pio Leader – Mia Drelich
Pio Leader – Maddy Dunn
Pio Leader – Leah Rosenblum
Pio Leader – Hunter Borowick
Pio Leader – Ethan Herman
Pio Leader – Devon Pye

CIT Director – Naomi Benchell
CIT Leader – Sam Barden
CIT Leader – Sam Ephraim
CIT Leader – Zoey Melinger
CIT Leader – Katelyn O’Donnell

Director of Jewish Life
Emily Wolff

Gan Director
Mel Mares

Camp Social Worker
Debbie Morris

Yad Supervisor
Jack Bender

Program Director – Kym Bird
Program Coordinator – Michaela Lister
212 Director – Matt Smith

Program Area Directors
Hobby Director – David Guais
Arts and Crafts Director – Melissa Epstein
Athletics Director – Jared Freedland
Aquatics Director – Wyatt Noakes
Challenge Course/Outdoor Adventure Director – Nicola McLeod
Fine Arts Director – Brett Lemick
Music Director – Charlie Box
Waterfront Director – David Swanson

Health Center
Health Center Administrator (1stsession) – Trudy Sirkis
Health Center Administrator (2ndsession)/Head Nurse – Sarah Packman

Camp Administrators
Cheryl Kaplan
Ron Kaplan