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Capital Campaign

Beber’s first four decades have been filled with exciting growth: from campers into counselors, counselors into supervisors, supervisors into leaders, and leaders into world citizens.

The land and facilities that enable this growth have grown, too, and Beber’s footprint is an ever-evolving snapshot of the growing community’s needs. Cabins are renovated or replaced. Program space is upgraded, evolved, or fully revamped. Entire landscapes are redesigned, re-purposed, or re-grown.



Beber’s 40th year marks a pivotal moment. A team of board members, staff, and community leaders are passionately committed to looking out into Beber’s future, and designing a plan that will foster another 40 years of growth. Growth that is intentional, that honors Beber’s heritage and heart, and that stays true to its mission while addressing the needs of generations of future campers.

If you feel passionately about the path of Beber’s future, you can help direct it. Contact us to join the conversation about where Beber goes from here.

Let’s work together to create another 40 years of Beber magic.