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Travel Information

How Will My Child Get to Camp?

The first day of camp is an exciting start to the summer. We want to make sure that your camper arrives to a welcoming staff member and starts developing relationships from the start.

Summer 2022 Dates for reference:

NEW FOR 2021: There are two different ways to arrive at camp:

  • On a Plane to Chicago O’Hare Airport.
  • In a Car that’s driven by a family member or friend. Due to Covid, there will not be a bus pick-up. We are also asking ALL families driving to camp from Chicago (city and suburbs) to drop their luggage off at the luggage trucks on Friday prior to the session. This allows us time to sanitize luggage on-site prior to camper arrival.


    Flight Information

    We understand and appreciate that by choosing Beber Camp, many parents are also making a decision to send their child a great distance. The partnership between parents and camp is essential in helping to ensure that everyone has a safe, positive summer experience. We are committed to working with your family to make getting to and from camp as safe and easy as possible.

    DUE TO COVID: We will only able to pick-up children from Chicago O’Hare Airport, this is to minimize the exposure to our staff outside of the Beber Bubble.

    Escorted Flight Options

    To find the escorted flights, please refer to the transportation form on CampMinder. A chaperone will meet you and your camper at the airline check-in counter, bring the group through security, and fly to Chicago with the campers. They will then take the bus up to camp with other campers from their flight and staff from camp. At the end of each session, your camper will fly with the group back home and the chaperone will bring the campers to baggage claim.

    When booking your flight, as the flight chaperones are still being confirmed, you can write “Beber Camp Representative”. Once we have this information, we will be updating our families.

    Please feel free to book on these flights and join our staff to and from camp each session! There is no charge for this escort service. We choose flights based on time, ticket price, and preferred airports.

    Non-Escorted Flight Options

    If flying into O’Hare your child will be met at baggage claim unless they are flying as an unaccompanied minor. You must provide your airlines with the name and contact information for the Beber Staff member meeting the flight so that we can get our staff through security if your camper is flying as an unaccompanied minor.

    Due to Covid: We will not be able to send staff through security (unless for an unaccompanied minor) at the airport as we have done in previous summers. Once your child has landed, we ask that your child rings us once they have landed (number provided nearer the time), and we will meet them at baggage claims. 

    Bus transportation is provided at no additional charge between Chicago O’Hare and Beber Camp.

    Arrival and Departure Times

    Due to the potential exposure of transporting 120+ Campers and staff to/from the airports and Camp, we need to minimize the time spent at the airport. This is why it is critical you book travel for your Campers between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. We ask this to help streamline our process, minimize exposure to the world outside the Beber Bubble and assure a smooth travel day for all of our campers and staff.

    Please reach out to Will before you book your flight should you not have an option within the given timeframe.

    Covid Guidelines

    There is a lot of hesitation to fly currently due to the ongoing pandemic, we completely understand you choosing to drive to camp instead of flying because of this, you can find more information about that below. However, flying is still an option and we recommend you follow the CDC travel tips, which includes (but not limited to) wearing PPE correctly and being physically distant.

    Driving to Camp

    This summer is a little different than normal. Buses from Chicago (city and suburbs) are not an option due to the need to Covid test and the potential exposure for our staff, who will have been quarantining at camp for two weeks already. We are asking all families from the Chicago (city and suburbs) area to please drive to camp.

    DUE TO COVID: We are asking ALL families driving to camp from Chicago (city and suburbs) to drop their luggage off at the luggage trucks on Friday prior to the session. This allows us time to sanitize luggage on-site prior to camper arrival. 

    Drop off and pick up this summer is likely to be a “kiss and drop off” situation to help maintain the Beber Bubble. The logistics are still being finalized currently as we meet with our medical committee, and we will be emailing families and updating this page when we have more concrete information. Thank you for your patience during this time.

    We will likely have multiple locations on-site, that you will be preassigned with staggered drop off and pick up times.

    For directions to camp please see check out our directions page.

    End of Session Pick Up

    Chicago (City and Suburbs) Families of 4 & 8 Week Campers

    Though we will not be having buses drive up from the Chicago area. We are asking that you pick up your camper from the Chicago suburbs at Makom Solel Lakeside. We will be having staggered bus arrivals with guidelines in place for the safety of our families and staff. This helps us to maintain the integrity of the Beber Bubble.

    Chicago (City and Suburbs) Families of Rookie Campers

    Rookies will need to be picked up from camp, please. We will be having our pickups staggered at the Gym on upper camp. Nearer the time you will get more specific information on the pickup.

    If your child decides to extend and stay 4 weeks, please refer to the 4-week camper information above.

    Wisconsin, Minnesota, & Outside of Chicago Families

    If you are from Wisconsin. Minnesota, or are driving from Milwaukee Airport, we will have a specific pick-up point on-site and a time slot for you. If you aren’t coming from Wisconsin, Minnesota or Milwaukee Airport, we ask that you meet the buses in the Chicago suburbs.


    Getting Your Luggage to Camp

    Luggage Trucks

    Beber provides luggage trucks up to camp from Chicago (city and suburbs) for both sessions. All luggage must be dropped off at the truck on the Friday prior (1st session: June 17 / 2nd session: July 15) to the session starting. Please note Campers will be allowed one carry-on when driving up.

    DUE TO COVID: We are asking ALL families driving to camp from Chicago (city and suburbs) to drop their luggage off at the luggage trucks on Friday prior (1st session: June 17 / 2nd session: July 15) to the session. This allows time for us to sanitize luggage on-site prior to camper arrival. 

    Chicago (Suburbs) luggage truck location: Makom Solel Lakeside – 4 – 7 PM

    1301 Clavey Rd, Highland Park, IL 60035

    Chicago (City) luggage truck location: Jewel Osco – 4 – 7 PM

    3400 N Western Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618

    Shipping Your Luggage

    Families who are interested in shipping their camper’s luggage to camp have the option of doing so through Print Pack and Ship in Mukwonago. Please ship all luggage to the following address:

    Attn: Camper Name/Beber Camp
    215 Bayview Road
    Mukwonago, Wisconsin 53149

    If you are interested in having some or all of your camper’s luggage shipped home from camp, you must contact Print Pack and Ship to arrange payment and shipping information. Beber Camp will ensure that your camper’s luggage gets to Print Pack and Ship in a timely fashion at the conclusion of the summer, but be sure to notify your child that they will be shipping luggage and indicate this on your transportation form.

    Full-Season Campers

    To allow our staff the opportunity to prepare for Second Session, we need all First Session campers picked up. 8-Weekers are not permitted to stay at camp during intersession. Campers attending both sessions can spend the intersession weekend at home or with a Chicago-land family. If you live outside of the Chicago area, we would be happy to act as a matchmaker and connect an “out of town” family with a Chicago-land family for weekend accommodations. Laundry services are provided for campers attending both sessions and they are encouraged to leave the bulk of their luggage at camp.