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Additional Information

Canteen & Spending Money

Funds for your child’s canteen account and spending money for out-of-camp trips are included as part of the tuition fee. Campers receive canteen twice weekly and have an opportunity to select candy, soda, healthy snacks, and toiletries.

During the summer, you will not need to provide any extra spending money as the campers will not be going on any out of camp trips.

Camp is responsible for money or valuables placed in the safe but assumes no responsibility for cash or valuables kept by the camper in their cabin. If you send cash, please encourage your child to deposit their monies in their cabin’s “valuables envelope” which will be collected by the counselor, and put in the safe on the first day of camp.

What If My Child Forgets Something?

Please contact the office (847 677-7130) as many items, such as toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, etc. are available at the canteen. We will make sure your child has everything they need.


Laundry is sent out every 9-10 days. Rookies should plan on sending their dirty laundry out with the rest of camp. The packing list allows your camper to have enough outfits to last while our clothes are being cleaned. Laundry will return to camp cleaned, dried, folded, and shrink-wrapped for our campers to unpack into their cubbies.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutoring

Beber Camp provides tutoring for campers who will be celebrating their B’nai Mitzvah in the upcoming year. Each lesson is approximately 20 minutes and we can typically accommodate one lesson per camper per week. Campers should bring all their materials with them to camp and are encouraged to spend their own time preparing for their lesson. Campers who have the materials on a screened device, such as an iPad, will be asked to turn in their device to our Director of Jewish Life to be safely stored by camp and then provided at tutoring time. To sign up for tutoring, please complete the form by logging into your CampInTouch account.

Contact Debbie Morris with any questions.

Staff Appreciation

Our staff members are hardworking and dedicated people who have been selected for their skills and integrity. They have been instructed, and have agreed, not to accept any gifts or monies from Parents in accordance with the American Camping Association Guidelines of Professional Ethics. A gratuity fund has been established and recommended amounts are listed on the application and are added to your tuition bill. Families may opt-out by contacting the camp office. All monies collected through gratuity will go directly to the 2022 gratuity fund for items like: staff in-services, trainings, day off facilities, and evening activities.