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Medical Information

To ensure the best possible quality of care in our health center, we require all campers who take daily prescriptions, supplements, vitamins and/or over-the-counter medications in pill form to enroll in a pharmacy service provided by LTC Scripts through their website. This service ensures higher efficiency, lower risk of error, reduced waiting time for your campers, and increased focus on their overall health.

We do expect 100% participation from families with campers who will need medication in pill form while at camp. The only exception is if the pharmacy notifies us that they are unable to accept your insurance or fill a particular medication.

Please register online at their website. They will package your camper’s meds and deliver them directly to camp prior to your child’s arrival. All pills will be pre-packaged in dose/blister packs. will manage every step of the process, including insurance payments, dispensing and delivery.


Once you create your account, please complete your camper’s medication profile, select the session s/he is attending, upload copies of your health insurance documents, and provide a credit card for payment of any fees.

If you’ve already completed your camper’s physical, no need to make another doctor’s appointment – you can just fax/email the forms to your doctor’s office. Once completed by your child’s doctor, mail the prescriptions to LTC Scripts. All medication orders must be received 30 days prior to start of the session. All orders after that will incur a $30 charge plus any expedited shipping charges.

If you have problems submitting any of your forms, documents, or insurance information, please call the pharmacy directly at (844) 572-7478.


How much does LTC Scripts cost?
The service fee is $19.95 per camper per session up to 30 days for all campers completing registration before registration deadline (30 days prior to the start of session). Late registration fee is $30, if within 10 days an additional $30 fee for expedited shipping will be added.

Will the service cost more than I usually pay for prescriptions?
If you submit your paperwork before registration deadline, the cost should be the same to you as it would be at your regular pharmacy any other time of the year. After the registration deadline, you will be subject to late fees, but your prescription costs remain the same.

How is my insurance billed? How am I billed for co-pays?
The pharmacy will bill your insurance company directly as prescriptions are filled. Any out-of-pocket costs (e.g. co-pays, deductibles, over-the-counter medications, non- covered medications) will be charged to your credit card.

Are you able to accept my insurance? What if the pharmacy does not accept my insurance?
The pharmacy is contracted with all major and most minor prescription carriers. Once you submit your registration they will review the information and notify you if the pharmacy does not cover your plan. They are also happy to check and make sure your insurance is covered in advance.

Will my insurance company pay for my camper’s medications if I recently filled their prescriptions?
Typically they will. Often times the pharmacy will need to request a “vacation override” from your insurance company. They will contact you if they have any questions about your insurance.

Will non-prescription medication cost the same as my home pharmacy?

The pharmacy is very competitive, and often times cheaper than chain pharmacies; however, we cannot guarantee that the price will be identical.