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Communicating With Your Child

At Beber, we feel that one of the most important elements of youth development is the building of independence. Part of that process is managing the way we communicate during the summer. We, of course, want you to be in touch with your child, and at the same time, we want them to experience being away from home in an independent way. With that in mind, we ask that campers use writing as a tool to communicate during the summer. Campers write a postcard home weekly and will be given four pre-printed email cover sheets that can be scanned and sent home as another way to communicate. However, there is nothing better than receiving a letter in the mail and we hope you will encourage and educate your child about the importance of writing good old-fashioned letters home while away at camp! Sending them with pre-stamped and pre-addressed envelopes will increase the likelihood of them writing!

Campers receive mail during rest hour, Sunday through Friday. Campers do not receive mail on Saturday but will receive emails. All letters sent to camp prior to your camper’s arrival will be sorted by the office for the first day of mail pass.

You will receive an email on the first night of camp noting your child’s safe arrival and bunk information. The email will come from info@bebercamp.com, so add us to your “safe list.” Once you have your child’s bunk information, please write it on all correspondence.

Parents can send one-way emails to their campers through their CampInTouch account. You can send messages through the web interface for free, or set up your child with their own email address (for a fee). For information on how to sign up, please call the office. We print emails every day at 10:00 am CT.

Our photographers work hard to capture campers at various locations around camp enjoying so many of their activities. If you don’t see your camper one day, check back another. It’s our goal to share their smiles with you as often as we can.

Parents tell us that the Director’s Corner is a daily highlight! At the end of each exciting day at Beber, Michael sits down to share in a blog post details of the day, information about programming and info throughout the summer reinforcing Beber’s core values and commitment to a summer of a lifetime.

Package Policy

Based on feedback from our community, as well as our desire to keep campers focused on being present at camp and less distracted on material items, care packages will not be accepted at camp. Only flat envelopes will be permitted. Magazines, mad libs, photos, or newspaper clippings are great things to send your child. Any food or contraband items, such as squirt guns, water balloons, silly string, or fireworks, will be confiscated. We do permit gum and individual drink powder packets.

Telephone Calls and Birthdays

Phone calls to or from your camper are not permitted except in case of your campers’ birthday or an emergency.

If your child has a birthday at camp they will be calling home during lunchtime. If this time does not work please call the office to get in touch with your child’s Division Leader. On their birthday, your child will receive a treat from the kitchen and the entire camp will sing Beber’s version of the “Happy Birthday” song!

Due to the sheer volume of potential calls, campers will not be able to call home for parent or sibling birthdays, anniversaries, etc. but they will be invited to make signs and take special photos that will be uploaded to CampInTouch.