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Covid Readiness – Summer 2022

Updated as of May 23, 2022

As always, the health and safety of everyone in our camp is important. At the same time, we need to balance the safety measures we institute with the practicality of being able to operate camp. Covid-19 is still present and is likely to be with us for a long time. We have to learn how to function at camp in a way that protects everyone as best we can, yet allows us to lead more normal lives.  Our objective this summer is to minimize any COVID-19 spread as much as possible, while allowing us to engage in our usual camp activities.

While we are doing everything we can to plan for a typical summer, we need to ensure that everyone arrives, and stays, as healthy as possible. Our layered practices will reflect the balance of preserving as much normalcy as possible and staying as healthy as possible.

We are planning to start camp with our usual programming with everyone in hobbies, eating in the dining room together, and gathering inside and outside as a full camp.  Because of this, we want to do everything we can to ensure that we can continue our programming this way. We believe that our plans below will enable us to do that.

Please read the information below carefully to ensure that you follow our guidelines so that we can do our best to make sure everyone has a safe, healthy and successful summer!


  • All campers must be fully vaccinated.
  • We strongly encourage you to get your child the first booster if they are eligible. 
  • If you haven’t yet uploaded proof of vaccination in the forms section, please do so.

Pre-Camp/Low Risk Behaviors

At least seven days prior to your arrival at camp, campers and their families should do their best to ensure that campers will be Covid free upon arrival. 

  • We request that everyone remain vigilant and refrain from non-essential contact with people outside of their households and immediate family prior to their arrival at camp. 
  • Everyone in your family should mask indoors anytime you go into public places like stores, restaurants, etc.  
  • Avoid large group indoor gatherings.  
  • If you are at outdoor large group gatherings, please wear a mask.  
  • If you are going to restaurants, please eat outside.  
  • When masking, please use tight fitting surgical, KN95 or N95 masks instead of cloth ones. 
  • If your camper tests positive for Covid within 10 days prior to your arrival at camp, you must notify us immediately and we will come up with a plan for their entry into camp. 
  • If your child has any cold symptoms, even with negative PCR and antigen tests, please let us know in advance so that we can monitor them more closely.  After June 5, please contact the Health Center directly at 262-368-5226.
  • If someone in your household tests positive within the five days prior to camp, or your camper has been identified as a “close contact” of someone who has tested positive within those five days, please call us and we can discuss the most appropriate plan of action.

Air Travel

We want our campers who are flying to be as safe as possible in order to limit any potential exposure to Covid.

  • Campers traveling by airplane are requested to wear a tight-fitting, high filtration mask (tight fitting surgical, KN95 or N95 masks) throughout all parts of their journey to camp. 
  • If they eat or drink anything while in the airport, please find an area where they can do so without being near people and they must put their mask on as soon as they are done.  
  • On the plane, if they can avoid eating or drinking, that would be best, but if not, please remove the mask as infrequently as possible and do not leave it off for more than a few minutes at a time.

Pre-Camp Testing

  1. Required: No more than 72 hours before camp begins, campers must complete a PCR test.  Upload the results into your CampInTouch account.
  2. Required: If your child tested positive for COVID-19 within 90 days prior to arrival at camp, you must contact us and provide proof of positive test. If your child is positive on a home antigen test, please get a PCR result as well, for documentation. Your child will not need to test prior to arriving at camp.  Please contact Trudy to notify her of this and send the documentation to her.
  3. Optional: You may want to have your child take a PCR test 10-12 days before camp begins, so that if the test is positive, your camper will have time to isolate before camp begins. Please contact Trudy if the test is positive.
  4. Required: The morning of arrival at camp, your camper must take an antigen test at home.
    • Take a picture of the negative test result and show that to us upon arrival at camp. For those campers traveling by plane, the camper can show us the image on his/her phone before we collect their phones for storage. If a child who is flying will not have a phone on them, please contact Trudy.
    • You may purchase any FDA approved at home COVID-19 antigen test. If you haven’t already received your free tests from the government, you can do so here.

In Camp Testing

We plan to PCR test at least twice the first week of camp and then we will likely test at least once weekly. 

  • If someone arrives with cold symptoms, we will administer an antigen test again on the second day of camp. (We will be PCR testing everyone on the first Tuesday and Friday of each session).

We will be using North Shore Clinical Labs for testing as we did last year.  Every person being tested must be registered in their system. Please use this link to register your camper (you will need to complete one for each child). Please register by June 5.

  • North Shore Clinical Labs provides this service free of charge to us.  They will bill your insurance and you will not be liable for any payments beyond what your insurance will cover. At the end of the summer, you will likely receive an explanation of benefits from your insurance company showing what payments they made to North Shore Clinical Labs. You are not responsible for any unpaid amounts.

If a camper tests positive for COVID-19 during camp

Our goal is to manage Covid at camp and get them back into activities as soon as possible, per CDC guidelines. You will always have the option to pick up your child and may return him/her to camp when appropriate. We will call you to discuss the best options for your child.

  • Campers who test positive and remain at camp will be isolated with other positive campers.  We will find times during the day for those campers who are asymptomatic to participate in separate supervised activities around camp.
  • Once a camper has completed five days of isolation, has been fever free without medication for 24 hours and has improving symptoms, he/she will be able to return to all camp activities, but will need to mask indoors and outdoors for another five days.  These campers will eat and sleep separately from their bunks (with staff supervision) for those five days and then will be able to return to their bunks on Day 11.

If a camper has COVID-like symptoms during camp

  • If a camper is fever free and has not lost their sense of smell and taste, we will administer an antigen test to them.  
    • If the antigen test is negative, the camper will return to activities, and will mask indoors and outdoors (but not at night), and we will administer an antigen test again the next day.  
      • If that second test is negative, the camper will return to activities and we will keep an eye out to make sure the camper feels well enough to participate in activities and does not develop a fever, as we would with any campers who does not feel well. 
        • We may ask that the camper mask indoors while having cold symptoms. We may continue to antigen test that camper until we feel confident he/she does not have Covid.
  • If the camper has a fever and/or loss of taste and smell, we will antigen test and PCR test the camper.  We will admit the camper to the Health Center and isolate them in an isolation area.  
    • If both tests are negative, the camper will be released from the Health Center once fever free without medication for 24 hours.  As always, we will call you if we admit your child to the Health Center. 
    • If either test is positive, we will follow our Covid protocols above.

Masking in Camp

Masking is a key NPI that we will be utilizing at camp this summer. We will comply with any federal, state or local mask mandates.  If there is no mask mandate we will still require that masks be worn in certain situations. 

  • During the first five days of camp (until we have PCR tested all of camp twice), we will be masking when we are indoors.
  • If a camper or staff member has cold symptoms (sore throat, sneezing and/or coughing), we may ask them to mask when indoors, including in their cabins, (but not when sleeping), until their symptoms subside.
  • We ask that you send your child with plenty of well fitting, disposable surgical masks, KN95 or N95 masks for this purpose. 

In most cases, masks will not need to be worn:

  • When in your own cabin, a pool, the lake or the shower
  • When seated at your table and eating or drinking
  • When outdoors

Please know that if we do get Covid-19 at camp, we may need to mask whenever we are indoors.  

Staff leaving camp

  • Our staff must be up to date on their COVID-19 vaccinations, which means they must have at least one booster, if eligible.  
  • Staff will be allowed to leave camp on their time off with very clear instructions as to off-camp behavior to minimize the risk of getting Covid-19.  
    • Their instructions include masking, social distancing, eating outside at restaurants, not attending large group gatherings. We will meet with those staff who have college orientations, or indoor family events such as funerals and weddings, to work with them to plan how to stay safe at such events.
    • We will have a schedule for staff to antigen and PCR test after days off.

Camp Visitors

  • As always, parents and families are not able to visit camp while it is in session.  
  • We are planning to offer tours to prospective families this summer. We will be requiring that anyone touring camp be fully vaccinated and we will be touring almost completely outside.  When we take someone inside to see a building, we will all be masking and we will walk through quickly and do all of our talking outside.  
  • For the first five days at camp, family visitors (spouses and children of our administrative staff), artists in residence, doctors and their families, and any other scheduled guests will be required to take an antigen test on the day they arrive and for the next four days, or they will take an antigen test until they take one of our scheduled PCR tests. They will need to mask whenever indoors with other campers and staff. They will eat in a separate area from our campers and staff.

Israel Trip

BBYO is requiring that campers take a PCR test at least 72 hours before departure and an antigen test on the day of arrival to Israel.  If that changes, you will be notified and we will be able to provide some testing options for those in the Chicago area.

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