As we prepare for registration for Summer 2016 to kick off on September 8th, I need to take a moment to reflect on the 2015 experience.  It always amazes me how we spend 10 months planning and longing for the summer and then just like that – it’s over.   The summers go by way too fast yet the amount of things we all accomplish at camp in such a short period of time is astounding.  Nothing gives me greater joy than watching camp unfold and seeing your children grow and challenge themselves in such a positive way.  For some of you, we talked about how your child has a massive fear of heights, yet I witnessed them get to the top of the climbing wall.  For others, homesickness was a big worry yet by the end of the summer, your child was asking to go 8 weeks next summer.  The affects of camp do not end when summer ends.  Our belief is that camp’s affect on your child will last a lifetime.  Whether it is a newfound confidence in them self, an easier ability to navigate social situations, or a stronger sense of self and independence, we truly hope you see a more mature child as the school year begins.  I want to thank you for trusting us with your children this summer and for believing in the power of camp.

Overall, this was one of our most successful summers to date.  Our incredible staff worked tirelessly to create a dynamic, exciting and meaningful program for our campers.  We enjoyed a brand new AquaPark, a newly air-conditioned Arts and Crafts, new sailboats and fabulous camping trips!  Our hobby program has grown to provide more choice and variety than ever and our campers formed unbelievable relationships with their peers and staff.  

Most importantly, we fostered an environment that allows kids to grow, mature, take risks and thrive.  New friendships were made; old ones rekindled and a lifetime of memories were added to our hearts and minds.  This is a community that I have been a part of since 1984 and has played a vital role in shaping my own identity as an individual, wife, and mother.  I am so proud to be a part of the Beber family and to have you all a part of it with me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and trust in us.  Thank you for being a part of the most incredible summer ever and we look forward to having you join us in 2016!