Hi! I’m David Guais from Angers, France. I’m a big fan of sport, physical activities, healthy food, and chess (yes, it’s also a sport).  I graduated last year in sports science and adapted physical activities. Additionally, I have certificates as a sport educator and lifeguard.  My two first summers at Beber I was the soccer and volleyball specialist and I’m now I’m in my second summer as the Athletics Director.

What’s new?


This summer we created new trails for the biking and running hobbies. There is great signage to help you know where you are. There is also a detailed map with designated color trails to show distance and difficulty level.


We have now a personal training hobby for Kesher and Ramot.  The campers will learn how to exercise properly and see why physical activity is important for the body and the soul.



The League:

This is Beber’s most competitive hobby.   Campers have the opportunity to break into teams and compete in a variety of sports for the hobby week.  Sportsmanship is also a key component to this hobby.


Kickin’ It Old School:

Campers have the opportunity to participate in sports they played when they were younger at home or new camp games.  This might include kickball, SPUD, wiffleball-baseball, softball, , Beber Ball, hockey, American Angleball and more.


International sports:

Campers can learn new games from our international staff.  Play sports like badminton, handball, kin ball, cricket, rugby and much more.

The Coaches

There are fourteen amazing coaches from all around the world to give you the very best of their talents.

  • Justin Bass (America) – Ultimate Frisbee and Fitness Coach
  • Leelo Obrul (Slovenia)- Tennis Coach
  • Adam Wharton (England) – Soccer Coach
  • Shay Kremer (Israel) – Basketball Coach
  • Arthur Armstrong (England) – Mountain Biking Coach
  • Isaac Wolf (America) -Archery Coach
  • Maria Lozano (Colombia) – Volleyball Coach
  • Jared Freedland (America) – Running and Fitness Coach
  • Jacob Rosenberg (America) – Running and Fitness Coach
  • Alex Resnik (America)- The League Coach
  • Morgan Goldstein (America)- Wellness and Yoga coach
  • Ross Clark (Scotland) – International Sports Coach
  • Kyle Asman (America) – Multisport Coach
  • Alec Biegen (America) – Multisport Coach

One of my goals as the Athletics Director is to make sure campers really enjoy physical activity. Hopefully, the campers will have the possibility to discover a new sport or get better at something they already know how to do.

3, 2 ,1 … Let’s get ready for the summer 2018!!!


Yours truly,