With the majority of our campers joining us from either the city or suburbs, the opportunity to spend time in a rural setting is something that is not too often come by for our campers at home. While away at camp, we offer an unique opportunity for campers to gain experience of the outdoors through our three-day trip program. Ramot and Kesher campers choose between 13 different trips! Each option is designed to give campers an out-of-the ordinary experience that teaches new skills specific to their trip and give them an experience that they would not get the chance to have at home.

Makor campers participate on a one-night camping trip on the Beber property. For many, this is a first time sleeping outside, making s’mores over the campfire, and experiencing a late-night sing along!

When campers return to Beber, they have the opportunity to share their trip experiences at Havdallah and receive a patch signifying their successful completion of the program.

On this Ramot exclusive trip, campers backpack the Kettle Moraine Ice Age Trail. This 17 mile stretch of trail was carved out by glacial activity thousands of years ago. Campers are completely responsible for carrying all of their trip gear with them as they hike this scenic trail. A major highlight of our Beber camping trip program, the Backpacking trip is a physical and mental challenges, yet also provides each camper with an extreme sense of confidence and pride in working towards a common goal.

For Ramot, this is a 60 mile bike trip on the 400 State and Elroy/Sparta Trails.  For Kesher, this is a 45 mile bike trip on the 400 State and Elroy/Sparta Trails.

Some of the highlights of the trip include traveling through three old railroad tunnels in the dark and completing an early morning sunrise bike to their final destination! This trip has some of the best campsites of all the three-day trips. A great skill that campers will learn is when to change gears on their bike based on speed and incline.

This is the newest Beber three-day trip! It includes learning about birding basics from the Fishing and Wildlife Federation and taking a tour through their Explorium. On day two, campers will learn about cranes in the marsh and take an early morning pontoon ride through the marsh to look for birds. Later, they learning about marsh management while walking on the floating boardwalk with the Department of Natural Resources. Other highlights include making bird houses, a night hike with the Owls and learning about bird and frog calls. Campers’ knowledge of bird identification can be shared throughout the year and when they return to Beber next summer during weekend “Birding with Trudy.”

For Ramot, this is a 35 mile Three Rivers Trip. Campers paddle for a couple of hours on the Kickapoo River. Known as the “Worlds Crookedest River” with narrow, tree-lined and with bluffs so steep, it seems you could reach out and touch them! They then merge onto the Wisconsin River with its wide, sandy and tee-lined banks. Finally the trip finishes paddling at sunrise on the Mighty Mississippi River.

For Kesher, this is a 25 mile canoe trip down the beautiful Wisconsin River from Sauk City to Spring Green. This trip gives campers a true sense of what it is like to be out in nature. Sleeping at night on the sandbars under a starry sky makes for a magical experience! Learn new canoe skills while experiencing the flow of Wisconsin’s waterways.

This trip takes campers to the beautiful Devil’s Lake State Park where they will get the opportunity to climb a real rock face with Apex Adventures, boulder climb to “Devil’s Doorway,” hike through the trails of the state park system, and swim in beautiful Devil’s Lake. All rock face climbing is done in proper harnesses, helmets, and climbing soes. The Ramot climbing trip also includes a rappel.

The Kesher Fine Arts trip takes campers to Governor Dodge State Park where they participate in many different fine arts activities including a talent show, nature drawing, morning yoga, dessert cook-off, shrinky dinks and arts and crafts. This trip includes a trip to the beautiful waterfall in the park as well as a trip to the House on the Rock or Rock museum.

The Ramot Fine Arts trip takes campers to the beautiful Peninsula State Park in Door County, Wisconsin. Campers make musical instruments out of nature items, have a talent show, practice morning yoga, and experience sing downs, arts and crafts, and cook-offs! Campers will also see a production in the Peninsula State Park’s outdoor Northern Sky Theatre.

Highlights of the Kesher Fishing trip include a three-hour charter boat excursion with Dumper Dan’s Fishing Charters on Lake Michigan where campers fish for salmon and trout. They then help the boat captains as they skin and filet their catch so that they can eat it for dinner at the campsite. Yum! Campers will also enjoy the sand dunes and hiking in the beautiful Kohler Andre State Park.

The Ramot Fishing trip has a five-hour fishing excursion with Reel Action Charters on Lake Michigan. There is also a 92-step observation tower hike where they can watch the sun set in Potowatomi State Park. Campers do some local catch and release fishing to round out their fishing experience.