To Our Beber Camp Community:

It is extremely powerful when our campers, staff, alumni, and every member of our community can fearlessly and proudly connect with their Jewish identities. We nurture this sentiment during this summer by building a camper experience intentionally built on our core Jewish value of Sacred Community – Kehillah Kedosha:

By building a fun, welcoming, and inclusive community, we create a holy place where each individual is valued and connected to one another.

It is now more important than ever that we think about how we can share the strength and values of Beber’s Sacred Community with our greater Jewish community, and the world. While acts of antisemitism are on the rise across the globe and throughout the United States, we know that some of the best antidotes can be found in community and friendship.

By sharing the magic of Beber, you can extend the reach of our beautiful Kehilla Kedosha:

  • Participate – Engage with efforts made by your local Jewish federations and youth groups to support local Jews and share messages of Jewish visibility. We are stronger together.
  • Be Visible – Consider temporarily changing your FB profile picture or social media presence to reflect your Jewish identity. Showing your solidarity publicly helps to spread the word about what our community is experiencing and how we need the support of all those willing to be upstanders.
  • Listen – Spend time with people who have different opinions and perspectives than you. Practice listening and cultivating compassion in relationships that may otherwise be strained. Committing to practicing kindness and active listening in every day interactions can make such a difference.
  • Speak Up – Use your bravery and courage to respond to remarks you may hear that reflect hateful sentiments towards ANYONE – Jews, immigrants, LGBTQ+ identifying people, people of color, women, and all others who are oppressed. You can be a role model for what upstanders look like.

We at Beber Camp believe that our personal commitments towards protecting our global Sacred Community – Kehilla Kedosha, coupled with our willingness to draw on our own courage and leadership, can offer meaningful benefits to our Jewish communities today. Beber Camp stands in solidarity with our fellow Jewish communities recovering from recent acts of antisemitism, sending much love, health, and happiness to all of the Jewish people and our allies around the world.