Staff training in Israel

One of the joys of my job is working with staff from all over the world.  This summer Beber will employ staff from England, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, France, South Africa, Canada, and of course, Israel.  Beber has a long standing tradition of working with Israeli staff.  Our partnership with the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Summer Shlichim Program has allowed us this opportunity.

The Summer Shlichim program has 3 main objectives:

  • Bridge the gap between Jews of different backgrounds and Israel
  • Strengthen understanding of Jewish and Israeli culture and customs
  • Provide fresh perspectives on Israel to young Jews

Israel engagement and education have been recognized as key identity builders for young Jews around the world, and a Shaliach has the unique ability to bring living Israel straight to Jews wherever they are.

I recently returned from Shefayim, Israel to take part in the annual Schlichim Training Seminar.  Shefayim is a kibbutz in central Israel located just 2.5 miles north of Herzlilya along the Mediterranean coast.

Group photo in Israel

At the seminar, there were representatives from over 25 Jewish camps and over 350 Schlichim.  Over 4 days, including an incredible Shabbat experience, my job was to help enable the Schlichim smoothly integrate into camp life.  This came in the form of group bonding experiences, seminars, small group discussions, and even a Maccabiah competition.  Seminar sessions were varied and touched on several subjects including the following:

  • learning about the North American Jewish community
  • specific camp rituals
  • dialogue that encouraged the schlichim to think about values, experiences and points of view that helped shape their identity
  • learnings to help increase one’s ability in working with campers
  • English language tips and much more
hanging out in Israel

This summer, Beber has 7 amazing Israelis who will be a part of the community.  I’m very excited for the campers to have opportunity to connect with our Schlichim this summer.

See you in just over a month!