Cold weather got you down yet? Not sure how it can, as it felt like a summer night in Mukwonago today – November 11, 2022. A lot of work has happened since mid-October. I’m happy to report on all the great things happening on site. Richard and his team are very busy and you can learn more here in the November site update blog post!

Hot Water on Demand

We’re happy to announce that we’re working with a fantastic group of plumbers to make sure hot water is consistently available during shower time in our shower house. Many exciting modifications are being made, including hot and cold handles, to make sure campers have a better showering experience. Pictured here is the back of the shower house which will include a new holding tank and 5 hot water on demand systems.

We are Family

I’m excited to report that the amphitheater renovation is complete. We’ve added six new 20 foot benches which will comfortably accommodate the entire camp during our all camp activities such as Havdalah and opening night festivities. Check out the photo which is a view from above the amphitheater.

Wax On, Wax Off

The housekeepers take a lot of pride and ownership in the work they do in the off-season. One important annual project is cleaning the floors. As you can imagine, the cabin floors get beat up during the summer. In the off-season, we take the time to wax many of the floors in the cabins with tile. Wax prevents scratches, nicks, and stains caused by liquid that has accidentally been spilled. It also preserves the floor surfaces which will increases the floor’s durability. Check out the shine of Gables floor in the photo pictured here. In those cabins that have concrete floors, they get a deep clean with a floor scrubber.

New Archery Shed

The archery shed was a project from the CIT class of Summer 2022. Archery is a very popular camp hobby and the original shed had been around for nearly 30 summers. This new shed is a major upgrade.  It is nearly double the size of the original and includes efficient storage capacity. The site team delivered the finishing touches in late October by applying shingles to the roof. We’re so excited to put this to use in Summer 2023!

Challenge Course Update

We’re very close to our vendor breaking ground. Cables and lumber have recently been delivered. Just last week, we started to prepare the field by removing dead trees and brush. This is such an exciting project and will definitely be a game changing program for the summer of 2023.