Becoming a lifeguard has helped me in many aspects of my life. The main aspect I have seen it benefit me is my gain in confidence. I have been a lifeguard since my sophomore year in high school and having a certification that many people do not have is not only a boost in confidence but it is also incredibly helpful. Being a lifeguard can open up a lot of opportunities that a person may not be granted otherwise. It can get you jobs both in and out of camp, personally I am lifeguarding and teaching swim lessons at my college which I would not be able to do otherwise. In the camp community, being a guard allows for me to be part of a wonderful team that ensures the safety of every camper everyday. Also, both inside and outside of camp, lifeguarding has given me the ability to keep calm under pressure and make decisions that can prevent accidents. The program that Beber provides is an incredibly unique experience. This will be my second year on the Beber aquatics team and I can not wait to add more people to the team. Becoming a lifeguard is incredibly useful and it is a certification I believe everyone should hold!  I am very excited to teach and certify the next generation of Beber guards!

-Lily Marcus