I wanted to take a minute to share with you something that happened this summer for my family at Beber Camp. 

As some of you may know, I have two daughters at Beber: Lily (11), who just finished her fourth summer at Beber, and Noa (8), who just experienced her first summer during First Session.  About six months ago I approached Michael Wax with an idea, a suggestion. My daughter Lily wears hearing aides and has been aided since birth. I have often asked Lily how services and all camp programs were for her in Crown Hall. Could she understand what was being sung or chanted or cheered? Her answer was “Sometimes Mom, but most of the time it is hard to understand.” I know environments like Crown Hall can be challenging for hearing impaired people because of the acoustics and background noise.  

So, I asked Michael,“How can we make it better for her?” In our home we use a hearing loop and the sound transmits directly into Lily’s hearing aides. I asked, can we do this at Beber? And this began our journey.

After months of investigation, research, interviewing companies, and donations from Lily’s Grandparents Arden and Marc Weinstein and our family, the hearing loop became a reality. 

I know everyone says that Beber Camp is a magical place – yours truly included -but the minute I saw Lily’s face light up when she could actually hear the sound coming out of that microphone …I couldn’t hold back the tears.  It was something I had wished could happen for my daughter and others who are hearing impaired who attend camp, and it became a reality.

Beber is the first non-profit Jewish summer camp that I am aware of who has done this. Beber continues to create an inclusive environment for our children, and this hearing loop will be life changing for my daughter and anyone else who is hearing impaired who walks into that building.

I cannot thank Michael and Will for taking my one question and making it happen!!! You are my heroes and I will forever be grateful!!!

Danielle Weinstein is a Beber Alumni, Current Parent, Board Member, and Co-chair of Beber’s Annual Campaign.