Hi Beber Camp Community,

My name is Sophie Factor, and I am extremely excited to introduce myself as the Summer 2019 Kesher Division Leader! I have been counting down the days until my 10th summer (blanket here I come!) at my home away from home begins, and I am thrilled to be spending my summer with Beber’s best division. This summer will be my third on staff, and after working as a paddle specialist/bunk counselor and Kesher Head Counselor these past two years, I look forward to making every challenge as Kesher Division Leader an opportunity.

While I am originally from Mountain View, California in the heart of Silicon Valley, I’m currently a sophomore at Emory University in Atlanta studying anthropology and human biology with a minor in political science. I am passionate about learning about the world and people around me, and am one day hoping to pursue a career in medicine (I’m almost done with organic chemistry!!). On campus, I’m involved in my sorority (Sigma Delta Tau) and Emory Hillel, serving on both executive boards, as well as TEDxEmory as a member of the speakers team.

Beber camp truly is my happy place and each year, while so many aspects of my life are subject to change, I know that I can return every summer to a supporting, loving, and grounded community. As a staff member, my goal is to pass this warm fuzzy feeling on to each and every camper. I love being a Kesher staff member because I believe we have a unique opportunity to be that grounding force for campers who are really starting to come into their own. I remember desperately needing the confidence boost that Beber gave me when I was in Kesher, and I hope that campers can leave this summer standing a bit taller, more self-reliant, and maybe a bit tanner than when they came.

I look forward to meeting and working with our families and staff this coming summer, and I wish you the best until then!