Hi, my name is Julia Bartol and I am beyond excited to be the Makor Division Leader this summer!  I’m a sophomore at Emory University studying Biology and Art History.  This is going to be my 12th summer at camp.  For me, the decision to return to Beber this summer was a no brainer.  Camp has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  I started in O1 in 2007 and haven’t missed a year since.  One of my favorite memories as a camper was when I was in O6, Senior Makor, during Makor Mania when we had a fort building competition with all of the other cabins.  Not only did we build the coolest fort ever, but inside was the O6 Spa where we had salon treatments consisting of manicures and hand massages.  I thought that being a camper was the best thing ever, but what I didn’t know then was how much I would love being a counselor.

I know everyone says their reason for being a counselor is to give back to the community that gave them the amazing camp experience they had, and while I do find that true for me, I also do it because of how happy it makes me.  I cannot express the feeling you get when you see a camper get up on waterskis for the first time, or makes a new friend.  Working with Makor has given me more joy that I ever thought possible.  With endless energy, I know there will never be a dull moment in the cabin.

I have a few pieces of advice for new campers (and parents) coming to camp this summer.  First, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.  It is scary to go away from home to live with a bunch of other kids you don’t know, but years and years later these camp friends will continue to be your best friends, and maybe even your college roommate too! Also, don’t be afraid to ask your counselor, or any counselor, for anything.  We want to be there for you in every way possible and no question or concern is too crazy.  And parents, do not worry if you don’t receive a letter every day from you child.  They are probably having way too much fun to sit down and write, but they still love you.

Can’t wait for this summer!

— Julia Bartol