Hi! I’m Jared Freedland and I am SO excited to be the running and fitness specialist this Summer! I go to Florida State University and I am majoring in accounting. This is my second summer on staff but 9th Summer at Beber. This is also my second Summer as the running (first year for fitness) specialist. I have not always been interested in running and fitness. My running career started my junior year when I wanted to find a way to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I started with a half mile and worked all the way up to 14 miles! In February of 2017, I completed my first half marathon. Since then, I have run two more and have the goal to run a marathon as well as a half iron-man before I graduate from college. After I was the running specialist last Summer, I decided I wanted to expand my knowledge and become a personal trainer. As of now, I am in the latter half of the ACE (American Council on Exercise) study program and scheduled my test for the second week of May! At school, I have helped my friends lose weight and stay in shape to avoid the famous freshman 15. This summer, I want to not only share my knowledge with campers, but follow through with the number one goal of a personal trainer, which is: to make sure that those being trained are being trained safely, effectively, and with the correct form. This summer, with a team of three on the running and fitness squad, we hope to work together to bring a new face on running and fitness. Whether your goal is to improve your fitness over the four to eight weeks you are at camp, getting ready for high school sport tryouts, or just to pick up a love for running and fitness, we hope to help in whatever way possible. Can’t wait for Summer 2018!