Hi Beber Camp!

My name is David and this summer is going to be my 5th summer at camp. 
My two first summer I have been soccer and volley ball specialist. Then I got the opportunity to become the Athletic director. I was in charge of all the Land sport at camp. For this new summer I’m the Hobby director which means that I’m in charge of all the activities running at camp and as well as the area directors team (AD’s).

I’m from France in a town named Brain sur l’Authion. I finished my sport sciences studies in may 2017. Since I finish university and when I’m not at camp, I’m doing volunteering in different associations and also working in France.

Last year I spent 3 months in Spain, I helped for different activities in a Montessori school. This year I did volunteering during 4 months. It was in an association who take care of children from slums area in Lima, Peru. I was in charge of the sports and physical activities. When I’m in France I work as a sport therapist in an activity center for special needs kids.

I keep going to come back every summer at Beber camp because for me this place is really special.

  • I love the place (Lake, Farm, Pool, sports court)
  • I love that the kids can choose any activities they want to do
  • I love to work with people from around the world
  • I love the climate (Not to warm, not to cold)
  • I love the vibes of this camp

In my first years I was in charge of making sure that the kids have the best summer ever. I’m now in charge that the kids, the staff and the directors have the best summer ever.

Excited to be back,
David Guais