Hey there! I’m Brett and I’m excited to be celebrating my 10th year at Beber, taking on the role of Fine Arts Director and Cornerstone Liaison. I grew up in Chicago’s North Shore and received my B.S. in Communications (Radio/TV) at Bradley University. Upon graduating, I moved to LA to intern at The Tonight Show and enroll in The Upright Citizens Brigade Improv and Sketch Comedy Training Center. After being bit by the entertainment bug, I worked my way up the career ladder to eventually become a creative executive at The Walt Disney Company (my favorite job).

After a decade in LA, my husband I and were in search of fresh air and greener pastures—so we moved back to the Midwest. Upon returning, I was offered the wonderful opportunity of being an artist-in-residence at Beber, which I proudly and promptly accepted. I had the pleasure of overseeing the movie-making hobby in both their curriculum and production. I was awestruck at the sharp minds and creative people I got to work with, campers and counselors alike. Seriously. Kids these days are, like…gifted. They’re passionate, tuned in and hungry to learn.

This summer, I’m eager to infuse my love of improv, media, and creative expression into camp life while leading my team to create a truly memorable summer experience for everyone involved. As we see more and more Fine Arts programs being cut from schools, I’m so happy there’s a home at Beber where kids are provided the resources to express themselves and grow their talents. From dance and drama to movie-making, newspaper, and indoor cooking, there are so many programs that empower campers to exercise their mind, body, and spirit. Beber 2019 is going to be a powerhouse and I’m honored and excited to be a part of it. Did I mention that I’m excited? Let’s do this!