Hi everybody! Bobby Schreiber here, one of the fabulous Pio Leaders for the 2018 summer!! This will be my second year as a Pio Leader and my thirteenth summer at Beber. Currently I go to the University of Colorado in beautiful Boulder, Colorado where I study Psychology. I’m super stoked to come back to camp again this year and especially as a Pio Leader (it’s the best summer don’t let anybody tell you otherwise). People always ask me why I keep coming back to camp, and I always give the same answer, “because I can.” A wise man once told me that I should come back to camp until I literally cannot make it happen. Camp is by far the most inclusive, accepting, fun-loving, and homelike community I’ve ever been a part of, and until I became a real adult you’re going to find me at Beber Camp. My camp counselor career began in Makor, our youngest age group, when I was a CIT. From there I was a Makor counselor for two more years until the 2017 summer. I loved my time as a general counselor but I returned to the Teen Leadership Program as soon as I could. Being a camper in the teen leadership program not only helped me determine how I fit into the camp community but also helped me more understand my own personal identity. I immediately knew after I had finished the program and became a staff member that I wanted to be there for the campers helping them along their own journey and giving them the same experiences my pio leaders gave me. If I were to give one piece of advice to incoming campers (both TLP and younger), I’d say, repeatedly, to come in with an open mind. Camp and especially the teen leadership program can change how you see the world, yourself, your peers, and can open up an entire world of possibilities for your future in and out of camp. I’m so excited to see everybody so soon and spend another summer with you! Gear up for an incredible time!!! Sko Buffs!