Two weekends ago, among the baseball games and birthday parties, our family squeezed in The Beber Camp Spring Picnic. My son is a rookie camper, so we are new to the Beber family and this whole camp thing.

I know how wonderful camp can be. It had a major impact on my life; my greatest friendships, my connection to Judaism, everything. I was one of those “live ten for two” campers but as a parent, I’ll admit I’m overwhelmed with how to best prepare my son for his first summer away. I know I’ll pack enough swimsuits but will he make friends? Will camp be as meaningful for him as if was for me?
 It was nice to meet everyone. Michael and Joel gave us a lot of good information to ease my worries about hobby selection and Shabbat-appropriate attire and as they talked, their anecdotes triggered my own memories. Swimming the lake, my first kiss behind the arts and crafts cabin, the secret handshake I made up with my bunk mates. I hadn’t thought of those things in years.
 But here’s the best part: My son made a small connection with another camper. “Mom, I made a friend,” he said as we were leaving, “and we have a secret handshake!”

OMG, I’m going back to camp. (Vicariously.)
Bring on the camp bus!