It’s showtime!!!  The sun is shining, you can now play outside without your boots and jackets…What should we do first?!   As the weather warms up it’s only natural that we get excited to spend more time outside, enjoying things like bike riding, baseball and cartwheels in the grass!  However, campers also find indoor activities just as engaging, like Challah baking, ceramics, rock band and the ever popular camp musicals!

At Beber, campers have the freedom to engage in daily activities that they love and feel comfortable participating in, but also experience new activities that they have yet to explore.  Playing tennis, riding a horse, making jewelry or acting on stage may be a familiar pastime for some, but for others these are new opportunities that we can delve into for the first time at camp.  (Like the musicals!)

If you’ve never tried to dance, sing or act on stage, but you’ve always thought about it, now is your chance!  This summer, our fine arts department will be putting on the shows…drum roll…wait for it… Aladdin and Mary Poppins!  We are so very fortunate to work with our talented director Pat again, who brings tons of experience from the community to Crown Hall.  Rehearsals are during a hobby period and all are encouraged to join in the fun.

Step out of your comfort zone and into a new activity this summer.  Whether you join the musical group on stage or backstage, or sign up for hobbies with friends, make it a priority to fill your camp days with special moments and new opportunities.   For more information about the camp hobby program, the summer musicals and other activities please contact Stacy.