In less than 200 days, campers and staff will return to Mukwonago for Summer 2021 and celebrate Beber Camp’s 45th summer! With health and safety as the priority, the full-time team has laid the foundation for what will be an amazing return to camp.  

Staffing is a key contributor to our success and we are excited to introduce the Summer 2021 Leadership Team.  The leadership team supervises counselors and programmatic areas.  They aid in creating the structure for our campers to thrive and have fun.

We look forward to soon updating this list with our camp clinicians, health center, and operations team. 

Pod/Division Leaders

  • Maddy Dunn, Ari Kirsch, Julia Bessen, Hannah Schreiber

Head Counselors

  • Cam Arato, Carly Colen, Kaylie Sears, Sofia Muriel

CIT Director 

  • Hannah Spevak

CIT Leaders 

  • Morgan Morris, Erin Eisner

PIO Director 

  • Naomi Benchell

PIO Leaders 

  • Carter Jay, Zach Ellis, Ben Bartol, Ciara Cunningham

PIO Israel Trip Liaison 

  • Leslie Rosen Stern

Programming Team

  • Kym Bird, Michael Arato, Sam Barden, Emily Wolff, Emma Gewurz, Sarah Weiss

Area Directors

  • Athletics – Gal Atzmon
  • Fine Arts – Ciara Gouldsboro
  • Waterski – Carly Elmer
  • Waterfront – Swanny (Dave Swanson)
  • Outdoor Adventure/Farm – Nicola Mcleod
  • Challenge Course – Carn Hemingway
  • Music Director – Charlie Box
  • Aquatics – Lily Marcus & Leanne Rooney
  • Arts and Crafts – Melissa Epstein

Yad Inclusion Supervisor 

  • Jack Bender

Inclusion Coordinator of Staff Life  

  • Jamie Zussman

Director of Jewish Life

  • Ariel Saxton


  • Cheryl Kaplan