Continuing education is an important aspect of so many jobs for a variety of reasons, and it is no different for those of us who work at camp.  Recently, Alex and I had the privilege of going to the Campminder conference.  Campminder is the database that we use and is what creates the accounts for all of our families so you can register, send emails, etc. You may know it as CampInTouch.

One of the speakers in the opening plenary discussed the importance of professional growth.  Not a new concept of course, but the way he said really stuck with Alex and I. He said, “keep growing the best you to grow the best youth”.

That’s it! In a nutshell, this is why Beber prioritizes professional growth for full and summer staff.  And is one of the many attributes that attracted me to the Beber community, as a professional and as a parent.  The strong desire to continuously grow as a professional and push ourselves every day is what allows us to give each camper the opportunity to also grow.  It allows us to partner with you, their parents, to help continue the work you are already doing so well.  And then together, we are able to watch them grow…. in maturity and independence.  To grow in knowledge, identity, and self-confidence. To grow in kindness and love.  Keep growing the best you to grow the best youth. What a powerful reason for us as staff to continue our own journey of learning.

Be sure to check out Beber’s podcast, All-Conference, on all listening platforms, where we dig deep into the conferences we attend each year. The next episode coming out with cover our time spent at CampMinder Camp.