Geocaching has been a huge hit this summer at Beber Camp. For those of you who want to know a little more about Geocaching, or even have never heard of it before, it is a scavenger hunt with a modern twist. Using a GPS device (or even you cell phone if you want to try it at home) you search for hidden treasures placed by other people. Over the past ten years it has become increasingly popular and is played all over the world. The Geocaches themselves can range from a simple box, to more creative caches like a hollowed out log hidden in the woods. It’s a game that is bursting with opportunity for creativity and adventure.

Since the beginning of the summer campers have been joining our two Geocaching specialists Connor and Oliver on adventures all over camp to find some skillfully hidden caches. They’ve also had the opportunity to hide their own Geocaches for each other and even take a canoe out to find one placed on the shores of Lake Beulah!


All of Makor and Kesher have been competing in the thrilling geocache cabin activity. Campers must work together to find the four geocaches hidden around camp and complete the team building challenges inside the caches in the quickest time possible. We’ve had some incredibly quick times set, but it’s still all to play for!

We’re very proud to have created a hobby this week called Geocache craft. In this hobby, campers got super creative and built their own wacky caches. We camouflaged containers with sticks, leaves and pine cones; turned tennis balls into Geocaches; hollowed out logs in order to hide trinkets inside and even created fake rocks and dog poop out of clay that could be used as a Geocache! Next week we’re going to try and create fake door handles with magnets and even have one attached to a tape measure up a tree.


We hope to have inspired campers to explore the world of geocaching and have much more in store for the future of this fantastic new game. If you’re interested in finding Geocaches in your area, please feel free to check out the official Geocaching website at You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find!

Sam Hollingdale – Outdoor Ed Director Summer 2015