Hi! My name is Julia Bessen, and I currently so excited for my ninth summer at Beber this year as a CIT. I am even more excited I was able to help this month with Beber’s Annual Camper Thank-a-thon.

The Beber Camp Thank-a-thon is an annual event where campers like me call donors from the past year, and simply thank them! These donors include anyone who has donated, whether through a direct donation, through a fundraiser, or by purchasing a items such as the Beber Camp Pop Socket, this year. Beber raises money throughout the year for the Beber Camp Scholarship Fund which helps send dozens of kids to camp every summer, me included. An event like the Thank-a-thon is so important because by simply taking my time I was able to call people and let them know how much we, as campers, appreciate their support.


When I first started making calls, I was nervous that I would say the wrong thing or people might be confused as to why I was calling them. Once I started making my calls, the feedback I received was only positive! To hear the shock and surprise of people on the line as I thanked them truly made me feel amazing. I am so glad I had the opportunity to take part in this since the Beber Camp Scholarship Fund is something that has helped me throughout my nine years as a camper. Letting the community know how grateful campers are is really impactful, and through the Thank-a-thon, we were able to show how grateful we are for their support for the Scholarship Fund. I cannot wait to participate again next year!