The morning after the Chicago community event last week, I woke up to this email…

“I wanted to reach out and thank you for last night, it was magical. You and your team were truly wonderful during the new camper hour and the rest of the evening. ‘Our daughter’ even announced that she was going to sit with her new friends at dinner when she came back after their activity. Each time I looked over she was laughing and smiling. Last night just reinforced that Beber was the right choice for her and our family. Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you next time:)”

This was an email from a new family who hasn’t even experienced the magic of summer in Mukwonago!

I also received an email from a returning family who wrote, “Seeing my daughter back in her “Beber Bubble” made me really realize why I choose Beber as the right camp for her… counting down the days!”

As full time staff members, we work hard everyday to provide a meaningful camp community for our campers. We try to live by the motto, All Summer, All Year, All Life. A main goal for these Fall events is to make sure that families also experience the community magic their children experience in the summer. It’s very rewarding to see parents connect and share stories about their children’s experiences.

A big Thank You to Atlanta, Denver, Boulder and Chicago families for joining us for dinner. Chicago had it’s biggest turnout ever and nearly 100% of our families joined us in Boulder and Denver. Our plan is to visit Louisville, Cleveland and return to Denver/Boulder in the Spring to help you get ready for Summer 2018. If you need anything before the Summer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!