All Summer, All Year, All Life. This is the Beber camp slogan. To many people, it is just a motto. They just take it as it means, Beber is there all summer, all year, and all life. However there’s more to 3BC than meets the eye. It takes an army to run this amazing camp, and our staff can’t do it alone.

This is where the Annual Campaign committees step in. Every couple months or so you’ll get an email about a Beber camp event in your hometown. A lot of these are thanks to the committee volunteers, who help make sure that campers don’t just enjoy Beber all summer, but also throughout the whole entire year! I’m part of the Camper Committee, and we work together to help plan events and do other fundraising throughout the year.


Our most recent event was a California Pizza Kitchen dinner, where part of your dinner cost went towards the Beber scholarship fund. While we were at the dinner, we also sold bracelets for $5, and 100% of those profits also went to the scholarship fund. This is important because the scholarship fund helps send kids to camp who need a bit of financial help. Everyone deserves an amazing camp experience, and Beber is the best place to get it! While we were at CPK night, we raised over $1,000! That’s incredible! (I bet Joel was very proud when he saw that large number.)

Now the scholarship fund is great but seeing your friends is also awesome! That’s another thing the Beber camp campers committee helps to do.

“It was great to help raise money for the place that I love” – Isaac Wolff

Isaac said this to me after CPK night. Not only is this amazing for campers but for staff too!

“Beber Camp’s year round events across the country provide an amazing opportunity for campers to have a camp experience and reunite with their friends in their own hometowns.” – David Tzeel (2nd year staff, Sailing specialist)

With these events year round you don’t have to wait 11 more months to see your best friends! Whenever there is a camp event in your hometown I highly recommend stopping by to see your friends and hang out with some people from Beber. We want to stay connected throughout the year, and keep our everlasting bonds together forever.

Andrew Tuvlin