First session is now over and many tennis ball are missing, but it is great to reflect on the amount of fun the land sports campers and coaches had during first session! As such, here are some highlights from an amazing First Session in the Beber Camp Sports world!

  1. Fitness learned some impressive boxing moves!
  2. Concrete schoolyard invented a highly tactical game named “pigoodly ball.”
  3. We had our very own Beber World Cup in the soccer hobby.
  4. This session saw a record amount of slots in the Ultimate Frisbee/Kan Jam hobby.
  5. Mountain Biking went exploring for cranes and crabs, concurred large hills and even had banana boats.
  6. The league hobby took things to a new level, creating the ultimate sporting week, competing in sports such as tennis, basketball, ultimate frisbee, gaga, tennis baseball and dodgeball.
  7. Archery hit a record amount of bullseyes, made their own targets and even shot at a rubber chicken!
  8. Basketball got very intense with a number of knockout games and some impressive slam dunk contests.
  9. Our new yoga hobby had a lot of fun mastering the ‘crow pose and crane pose’ on our beautiful island.
  10. Tennis enjoyed some competitive day 5 tournaments, a number of games of ‘swamp donkey’ and some trips around the world.
  11. We also bonded with the horses and strangely enough, a rabbit in the horseback riding hobby.