Journey of 1000 Smiles

As a camper, Beber was my safe place, a place where I could be exactly who I was without judgement. At home, during the school year, (especially during those tough middle school days) I was bullied significantly. I dreaded going to school and fought my mom every single day, hoping she would let me stay home. The only thing that got me through those horrible days was the countdown until I was back in Mukwonago.

My first couple years at camp were difficult. As Trudy Sirkis (and anyone else who remembers me at that time) will tell you, I was one of the most homesick campers in 3BC history. Nevertheless, those temper tantrums and angry letters home (sorry Mom!) were not enough to keep me away. Somehow I knew that this place and the experiences I was going to have, would have such a vast impact on me.

Spending my summers at Beber enabled me to develop the confidence to go through my everyday life and the strength to persevere during even the most difficult of days. Beber helped foster my independence and my leadership abilities as well as helping me realize my potential as a role model.

As I got older, the role that camp played in my life changed a bit. My experiences went from helping me become comfortable in my own skin to preparing me and giving me ample opportunities to give back and be that support system for others. It was during my time on staff that I realized I had a passion for psychology and helping kids. Figuring out new and creative ways to help my campers overcome obstacles was incredible to me. I have since started down this path professionally. While my actual job is sign language interpreting, I work in a school for deaf children, many of my students require additional support and behavior management. I spend a lot of time coming up with strategies to help them get through their daily struggles. Eventually I would like to get my Masters in Child Psychology and that is absolutely something I can accredit to my experiences at camp.


It is because of my exceptional time as a camper and the opportunities I had as a staff member, that I am the person I am today. I have built relationships with people of all different ages and from all over the world. I am so beyond grateful to Beber Camp and to all of the friends and mentors I have had over the years for being such a significant part of the person I have become. I can truly and honestly say, I would not be me without 3BC.