The kids have had an amazing hobby week in newspaper. We’ve interviewed, photographed and written everything from detective stories to comic books. Everyone in newspaper is a makor camper this week; they’ve done a fantastic job putting the latest edition together. They couldn’t wait to show you, so the Beber Buzz is now coming to a computer screen near you! Read on for a taste of the Beber Buzz. ~Jemima

The first week of camp

My first year of camp was a blast like when we went to Kalahari it was so much fun! The first day was fun too during the night we went to the campfire and we sang songs and we had fun the first week of hobbies. My first week of hobbies was fun when I did newspaper. I wrote my own detective story and I did my own adverstisements as if I ran a hobby. It was called Zoe’s taekwondo. Farm was fun too. I love the first week of camp!

In newspaper Zoe Messerman (me) she has been writing a detective story named detective unicorn and the missing water bottles. Anna is writing an Epic fail story and Kayla is writing a story titled The Adventures of Bolt Boy and Abigail is writing a story named Bolt Girl.

Rachel Interview Julia (Makor Head Counselor)

  1. Is your job fun?
    Yes SO much fun!
  2. Do you like the staff you work with?
    Yes, they’re all amazing
  3. Do you like working with Makor kids?
    Yes, best division!!!
  4. Do you have your own car?
  5. Do you have a brother?
    Yes, two! One is at camp, his name is Ben
  6. What is your favorite Hobby?
    Aqua Park or Paddleboarding
  7. Do you like playing board games?
    Yes! Monopoly is my favorite
  8. What is your favorite Color?
  9. What is your favorite animal?
    Polar Bear
  10. Do you like the summer?

Fun fact Julia is my counselor 🙂