Arts & Crafts is literally buzzing with activity this week.  The campers are learning about wiring circuits and building their own flashlights with Nadav from Israel.  The Body Art hobby is learning everything about stage makeup from scars to wild cats with Sarah from Scotland.  Our new fleet of electric wheels has been put to good use already in our ceramics hobby led by counselor Izzy and Artist-in-Residence Stephanie Marcus.  The hammers are pounding in the woodworking hobby with Australian specialist Katelyn as campers design and create their own decorative boxes.


Lauren from Wales is teaching campers to create their own screen printing designs for t-shirts. Crayons are melting onto the canvas as specialist Mia is teaching Crayon Art techniques.  Kobi is sharing his skill at magic and circus arts as the campers learn to juggle and master magic tricks that will be sure to amaze you.  These are just some of the things happening this week and we can’t wait to see what’s next!