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Please note the following important information for the upcoming summer:

2018 Dates and Rates

As with every summer, Beber Camp begins on Father’s Day, which is the third Sunday in June. The dates and rates for the summer are:

  • First Session ($5,050): June 17 to July 13
  • Rookie 1 ($2,525): June 17 to July 1
  • Pioneer ($5,050): June 17 to July 13
  • Second Session ($5,050): July 15 to August 10
  • Rookie 2 ($2,525): July 15 to July 29
  • Pioneer Israel Trip ($5,600): July 15 to August 10
  • CIT ($3,000): June 17 to August 10


  • A deposit of $1,000 per session, per camper is required within 7 business days of enrollment or we do reserve the right to release your spot. Deposits include a $250 non-refundable enrollment fee, with the remainder of deposit non-refundable after December 1st, 2017.
  • For families interested in applying for Financial Assistance, a $250 per session, per camper deposit is required.
  • Pioneer and CIT Applicants will be charged the normal deposit upon enrollment. Should your child not get accepted into the program, or they decline their accepted spot in the 30 day grace period, all monies paid will be refunded in full.

Sibling Discount

Families with multiple siblings will receive $100 credit per additional child per session attending camp in summer 2018.

Financial Aid

Beber Camp is committed about making Jewish camp a reality for all of our families. Learn more about our Financial Aid process and availability here.

Cancellation Policy

If a camper cancels after being enrolled and:

  1. Before December 1st, 2017 – all monies paid less $250 of the deposit will be refunded.
  2. After December 2nd, 2017 but before April 1st, 2018 – all monies paid less the $1,000 deposit will be refunded.
  3. After April 1st, 2018 – there are no refunds unless cancellation is due to a medical reason.