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Teen Leadership Program



In support of Beber Camp’s Mission, the Teen Leadership Program strives to build, strengthen and develop our participants, both as individuals and as a team, with the skills, knowledge and experiences necessary to prepare them to become active Jewish leaders at camp and in their communities at large.



The Pioneer program is the first year of a two-year acceptance based program. The first four weeks, which takes place at camp, focuses on leadership skill development, teambuilding, community service and further exploration of their Jewish identity. After the first four weeks, the Pioneers have the option of participating in a 3-week trip to Poland and Israel designed to strengthen their knowledge and connection to Judaism and the State of Israel.

The Pioneer program is the beginning of the participant’s transition from camper to staff as they are given more responsibilities and independence. Pioneers will begin to explore the three main tenets of the Beber Tree: Childcare, Judaics, and Programming, as well as gain a deeper understanding of Beber’s core Values, Mission and Vision. Through this exploration, Pioneers will begin to understand the intentionality and importance of building community and working together as a group to accomplish various tasks.



The purpose of the Beber Camp Counselor-In-Training (CIT) program is to further develop the leadership and teambuilding skills taught in the Pioneer program as well as teach the necessary skills to be an effective counselor, role model and Jewish leader as future staff at Beber Camp.

The CIT experience is an 8-week program and the second summer of the two-year acceptance based Teen Leadership Program. Participation in the Pioneer program is not required, although strongly encouraged.